inji  Software is the Best CRM for Small Business. Its very simple yet robust system helps you organize and manage your CRM leads and turn them into customer without any operational hassle.

Take your business to new heights with all the new features of the top CRM Solution in the world.

Top CRM Features for your business

Free CRM Pipeliner

Customize your CRM leads status as per the operating procedure of your company like Pipeline/New Lead/ Under Process/ Quotation Sent/ Potential Customer etc

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Generate leads directly from your website with Online CRM Leads

Integrate your website with the best CRM solution and generate leads directly from your website. Customize the leads inquiry as per the requirement.

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CRM Leads Management Software with No Limit

There is no limit for the lead management with CRM Software. Manage as many leads as you want- easily and efficiently. No strings attached.

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Receive Follow Up Notifications in Mobile CRM Application

Don’t miss a single follow-up. Receive notifications before follow up so that you convert leads into confirmed customers very frequently with CRM App.

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Lead Follow-up History in Cloud CRM Reports

Record the follow up history of all the leads after every customer follow up in CRM program so that you can keep track of the progress of the transaction without missing out on any details.

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Quotations on the go with the best CRM tools

Send the quotations to the customers directly from the CRM Application without ant hassle. You can also keep track of all the quotations sent to the customer. It also helps you with the requirements of the customer for future transactions.

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Free CRM Leads Report through Email

Receive email reports of the stages of the leads for the entire team. Helps you track the progress of the leads as well as the team.

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Simple CRM Reports through Graphical Representations

Get graphical representation of your lead report to easily understand the rate of conversion and the areas of improvement.

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Sales CRM Reports In Spreadsheet

CRM Leads Report analysis made easier with report generation in spreadsheet. Generate report with 50+ options and export it to spreadsheet for quick analysis.

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Import Leads from Excel through CRM Leads Management Software

Why create the leads manually when you can simply import the spreadsheet with the list of leads through the lead import crm tool. All you need to do is upload the spreadsheet and assign it to the user and you are good to go.

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Pre-built fields for Online CRM Leads Creation

We have designed lead creation form with 20+  inputs for all businesses. You can just enter the leads and start creating leads without any setup.

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Lead from Ad landing Page on the Best CRM Platform

Create a lead widget and place it any website and any ad landing page to create lead automatically. No need to create lead manually

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Want to take your Business NEXT BIG Level ?

See the Best CRM Software for Small Businesses in Action

Open Source CRM Leads

This simple CRM requires little effort or training. The lead dashboard helps you manage your leads and convert them into customer without any hassle. And all in 1 CRM Application.

  • Generate customized leads crm reports
  • Generate Leads Templates
  • Assign leads in bulk to the employees
  • Track the progress of leads conversion
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GST Accounting Software for Small Business

No hassle of calculating the GST and incorporating it in your bills. Free Online Accounting Software takes care of this tedious tasks and leaves you with nothing to worry about.

  • Automatically add GST in invoices and bills.
  • Manage Expenses and Payments
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Best CRM Reports

Generate the best and real time reports with the inji Software and get the insights of your business on your finger tips.

  • Lead generation and conversion reports
  • Employee reports
  • Accounting Reports
  • Invoice and Quotations Reports
  • and much more…
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Manage your tasks with the Top CRM Software

1 CRM Solution for all your business needs. Get done all your tasks without any mix-up and get the CRM reports generated automatically.

  • Assign tasks to individual employees
  • Track the status of the tasks
  • Get Online CRM Reports of the progress of the tasks
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Free Invoice App with CRM Software for Small Businesses

Generate free invoices with 100+ templates which you can select based on the  business needs.

  • Generate bulk invoices in one go.
  • Send invoices directly to customer through email
  • Send payment reminders for overdue payments.
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HR Management with top CRM Software

  • Manage your business and manage you employees in 1 CRM.
  • Manage and track employee attendance
  • Manage Leaves and Holidays
  • Manage payroll and salaries
  • Manage employee progress
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What is CRM Software Solution? Why does your business need the Best CRM Software?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management Software, as the name implies, is a software to organize and manage the customer interaction and transaction to provide the customers with the best experience.

For any kind of business, big, small or medium, established one or a start-up, all of them need a CRM to maintain a seamless flow of information and operation.

The CRM does not only limit to establish and maintain a relationship with the customers. It helps automate various aspects of the business.

CRM consolidates the information and data of the customer from every department of the business to give you a bigger picture and thus helping you make informed and better decisions with respect to the customer.

Now the question is why does your business need it? Well, the reasons to adopt the best CRM solution for small business are listed below:

The CRM Software for Small Businesses helps you organize.

Organize your daily tasks, management system, employee HR system, business emails, calendars and much more. No more hotch potch. The CRM Software Solution will integrate all these activities in more manageable and maintainable ways.

Online CRM Software Solution helps you keep a track of EVERYTHING!

The sales in the unit, sales in revenue, profit, no. of customers gained and lost, employee attendance and salary,  bills, invoice, and quotations, your CRM will help you keep track of everything.

Reporting and Analytics in the Top CRM System

Get the auto-generated reports, import them to spreadsheets, get auto-generated analysis of your past data and sales, or do the analysis on the reports generated, create customized dashboards, make informed decisions.

Never lose your data through Online CRM Software

No fear of losing your data or running out of space on your work station. All the data is stored on cloud CRM System. You can always access your data anytime, anywhere.

Track Profitability with the online accounting software of the Top CRM System

CRM tool that can help the work of your accountants. Once you adopt a CRM like Inji Software, you do not worry about tracking your billing processes. Instead, you can focus on complex activities like strategizing on product discounts, client returns, and shipping costs. Inji Software provides small businesses with a hassle-free process for all the activities of the business.

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