Integrate the top Sales  CRM Software in your business to streamline the sales cycle, resulting in faster closure of deals in pipeline and reaching and exceeding the target. Reduce operation cost and increase the sales revenue with the top Sales CRM Software for Small Business.

Take your business to the next level with the help of below Sales CRM Solutions.

Sales CRM Features

Sales CRM Pipeliner

Improve the efficiency of the entire team by streamlining the sales process, identify the customers which are most likely to convert. Pipeline to Customer with no hassle.

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Sales CRM Reports and Dashboards

Get customized reports and dashboards to get the better picture of your sales targets and conversions with real time data to make data driven decisions with CRM Reports Tools.

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Sales Analytical CRM

Sales Analytics is the most important feature of Sales CRM. Create better sales campaign by analysing the data of the past campaigns, by identifying the areas of improvement and the selling points.

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Salesforce Tool Automations

Salesforce Automations automate the repetitive but important tasks, like outgoing calls and emails, follow up messages and much more so that your employees can devote their time to more complex tasks.

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Sales CRM Database

Organize your and customers’ data into manageable lot. Assign this data to employees and increase the efficiency by dividing the tasks according to the data.

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Send Professional Quotation through Simple CRM Platform

Send customized quotations directly from the software, keep a track of all the quotations sent to the customer and the approved ones, so that you can keep a track of the customers’ requirements for future transactions.

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Inside Sales Console with Top CRM Tool

Inside sales console is the the platform to provide better and efficient UI to increase the sales performance and provide better customer experience. CRM systems also offer data analytics CRM to further streamline the sales process.

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Forecast with Salesforce Tool

Study the data to analyse and fix the metrics for success. Create benchmark and determine whether your results are at par with your efforts. Forecast the sales depending upon the past data with online CRM Reports.

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Performance Management in Free CRM Database

Track the performance of all your employees with respect to the set KPIs and the sales target. Analyze the area of improvement individually, assign tasks and get CRM reports through CRM email integration.

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Sales CRM Leads

Customize your CRM pipeliner or Stage or Status name such as New lead, Quotation Sent, Potential, Positive  as per your company terms and organise leads in an efficient way.

  • Customise your own name
  • Change Pipeline names any time
  • Complete control over your system
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Small Business Invoice Software

Generate invoice directly from the website with 100+ templates, choose the one from simple CRM Tool which best suits your business.

  • Send customized invoices
  • GST is automatically added in the invoice.
  • Invoices are sent automatically to the customers
  • Send automated reminders for the invoices
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Forecasts with Simple CRM Reports

Analyse the past sales data with online CRM reports to forecast the expected demand and thus determine the sales for the future

  • Create campaigns according to the past sales
  • Improve upon the pain points and improve sales through the USP.
  • Devise plans and strategies based in past real time data
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Saleforce SaaS Automations

Automate the sales process to improve efficiency, reduce the operating cost and increase the sales revenue.

  • Generate leads directly from the website with Free CRM Leads Management Software
  • Send customized quotations
  • Send automatic emails, calls and sales messages to the customers
  • Get automated sales data
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No.1 Sales CRM Software

Every sales rep around the world knows the importance of Sales CRM to streamline their job. An online CRM system, in fact not only streamlines their work but also makes it easy and hassle-free. With so many customers with different needs and requirements, it becomes difficult to keep track of everything and deliver to the customers on time. And their job is made easier with the CRM for sales.

But how do you decide which sales CRM will best fit to your organizational needs? Which one will make the life easy for your sales rep so that they can devote their time to more complex and crucial activities?

Well, you’ll find the answer at the end of this article.

Below are the most important features of No. 1 Sales CRM Software:

Salesforce Saas Opportunity and CRM Pipeliner

The best CRM for Sales provides you with the most basic of the features… pipeline management. It helps you create the customer account where you can create various opportunities as per the deal. The status of these opportunities can be changed from pipeline to customer as per your convenience and requirement.

Create and send Quotations with the best Sales CRM Software Solution

You can create and send quotes directly from the CRM. These quotes are saved in the opportunity in which they are created, thus giving you the whole details when you go into the customer’s account. You can determine the requirements of the customer by looking into the past approved quotations.

Salesforce Saas Tools for Sales Analysis and Reports

The most important feature of any sales CRM is the feature for analysis of previous data pertaining to your sales. You can create reports with graphical representations that will help you determine the areas of concern. You can target the customers which can easily give you the business again and improve your sales revenue.

It also helps you customize the dashboard through which you can track the productivity of your sales rep and set targets for them accordingly. This data can be organized by sales rep or by any other quantifier to measure the performance.

Salesforce Saas for Sales Forecasting

Online CRM software can prove to be very useful for businesses in forecasting the future sales. The reports and analytics generated by the software can be used to forecast the sales in the coming times and necessary steps can be taken for increasing sales numbers as much as possible by making decisions based on the data gathered from the Sales CRM Program.

Sales CRM Software Automations

Automate each and every aspect of your sales process to save time and increase the efficiency. This includes outgoing calls and follow-up campaigns, as well as the organization of data for more effective future campaigns. Automating these repetitive tasks allows your employees to devote their time and focus to more complex tasks.

You can find all these feature and much more in the best sales CRM Software solution for Small Businesses… The inji Software.

It’s easy and robust system not only helps you organize your sales seamlessly but also helps you over exceed your target and increase the sale revenue.