The Magento referral program extension — don’t forget to please your friends

The Magento referral program extension — don’t forget to please your friends

When you are making a business, you have to try your best to make every single detail of your company as good as possible. Regarding eCommerce projects, there are a lot of things you should do about your website: technical nuances, SEO, and so on. However, you should not forget about the most essential of any online and offline shop in the world — customers. Without them, it’s impossible to sell goods. Even if you have the best website in the world with the latest features and the most protected connection, you won’t ever make a cent if you have no one to buy from you. Thus, you always have to respect and love your customers. And one of the greatest ways to please them is to create a special program for encouraging them for various events and actions. Motivate them to choose you because you are the best seller on the internet who knows how to treat customers.

And this task is really for the extension we are going to discuss in this article. Use the add-on to create the best loyalty program where people can get rewards, which motivates them to buy more goods on your website and promote your shop to others. If you don’t believe that it’s as easy as we tell you, then just read some more! 

The wide range of features is available


The plugin deals with different aspects of eCommerce platforms, so it provides you with all the necessary tools to create, monitor, and modify a good referral program. The only thing that restricts you here is your imagination. In other terms, using the referral program Magento offers, you can quickly build your own unique techniques to encourage. This means you may always find your shop intriguing and distinctive.

Important information

A full list of all transactions is available here. You may easily check for each user in the admin panel an exhaustive history of points gained and spent. Special reports are available for more in-depth investigation. It is essential to assess whether such software is useful with your present ruleset. All the information you need to track your full range of revenues will be provided through special reports.

How will they get points?

Let’s look briefly at your clients’ list of possible incentives to assist you to grasp how it all works. Any potential scenario would be pointless; therefore, we picked a few to show. You may thus reward users for events such as registration, order making, social media promotion of your website, anniversary commemoration, and referral of new customers via a special referral link, etc.

Full control

Of course, you can limit the way consumers can settle their items. It is as important as the last. What are your duties, exactly? This module may be used to customize the active rules times, expiry times, the times of points gathered, the number of spending points (per order), commodities that customers can buy with points, consumers involved in the program, etc.

Besides, you can manually control the balance. When you acquire a considerable amount of points over a short period, your loyalty increases many times. Points can also be used to make up for errors. Give this user additional points if he or she has any difficulty your support team needs to address or cannot handle.

Welcome back reward

an email example

Customers who are dormant for a lengthy period can be reactivated. Make sure that your customers know that you think about them. You may either disclose them to users who have not checked in a while or utilize a module to recompense them. These customers are warned of changes in balance, encouraging them to return and take advantage of new possibilities.

Expired points

Customers should be told that the number of points is restricted to a certain number. Customers are notified that their points would expire within one week, encouraging them to spend more money with their business.


 bundling rule

If clients receive extra points, they are more willing to purchase bundles and goods with other items. This will help you develop a plan for cross-sales. Promoting a certain product In regular discounts, additional incentives based on points should be included. Customers have to pay their points again, thus this is significantly more advantageous.

Dividing customers

For customers, Tiers are formed. Tiers are used to classify customers into several categories. Each level has its own set of restrictions, and therefore the number of points received and points available for redemption changes. The greater the tier — the more advantages will be to your customers. To get into the next level you need to spend more points and purchase more. It’s also a psychological effort to drive consumers to compete and to finish a work unfinished until they achieve the highest level. That’s a wonderful loyalty program.

Glad to see new customers

People are urged to provide the service to others. Applicants should be compensated for their efforts. It is fantastic to reward already existing customers for referring new consumers into your shop, but it’s much better to compensate them for new customers. This increases your stimulation considerably! The individual who introduced you first can also get reimbursed. The reference program enhances the probability of new customers remaining and spending more money than current customers.

earning rules

Don’t miss anything important

There is a complete dashboard. This plugin is also used to provide a separate dashboard where users can understand everything about their loyalty and referral schemes, including current constraints, levels, earnings, and transaction history. This page includes a one-size-fits-all URL to which visitors can be sent. There can be no exaggeration of the value of a great client experience. During the exploration of your clients’ catalog, educate them of all key program specifics. Make sure everybody knows the issue!


Make sure your reference and loyalty programs are known because advertising in this sector is so crucial. The plugin may be used to send your most loyal customers alerts and to remind them of special offers. You control the information you offer to customers, including when, where, and how. Select where you want users to view your data first and foremost. For example, it might be the cart or reference pages. You can market particular products and therefore enhance sales. For example, when a customer picks one item, you will remember that other comparable goods are in your store and that buying more will earn them further benefits. Content balancing and services are also important to ensure customers are up to date. This is handy since it removes the need to go to the website and check the quantity.

Reasons to have a good referral program in your store

Many measures to improve the relationship between the seller and the client include a psychological aspect that should not be ignored. It’s highly useful to have a true “army” of supporters prepared to protect your interests and support you amongst others.

The quality of the lead has improved

The quality of the new customers is another key aspect. Persons prefer to publicize individuals who share their interests, thus reference programs are a great way to get warm, knowledgeable guidance.

A higher rate of participation


As mentioned above, it is extremely useful to encourage people to participate in a range of activities, including the sharing of social media. This has a geometric growth pattern, which implies that it increases an average commitment and drives substantial traffic to your website.

The rate of retention has improved

The key tip you should take into account is that it is considerably more beneficial for existing customers to retain than to seek new ones. As a consequence, you may spend less and make more. Why? The fact is that all are trustworthy: people who have faith in you are always ready to invest additional money in your firm. The Reward Points add-on offers both parties the excellent option of ensuring these advantageous conditions — a loyalty program. Everything earns points, sharing the Social Media, and other acts. As these points are only available in your company, consumers are encouraged to return.


With such an amazing Magento referral program that you can create using the extension designed by Mirasvit, you can achieve greater success and increase your revenue, which is very important for any online shop. Besides, the module has a very reasonable price, which makes it a nice solution for businesses of any size.

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