Mirasvit gives you the best RMA for Magento 2

Mirasvit gives you the best RMA for Magento 2

If you are an owner of an online shop, you should know that not all goods satisfy customers. Sometimes, it’s the matter of shipping, sometimes it’s all about a mistake, or it may be a kind of exception. However, people tend to return products back to sellers for some reason. That’s why you have to be ready to handle such situations. Return Merchandise Authorization is an integral part of businesses like this. And if you don’t know what to do with it, you will be losing clients and money, as a result, which is not a great scenario at all. But what can be done here? Some people hire specialists, while others try to learn how to do it on their own. We bet you value your time, so we have another solution.

Install this special module that allows you to not think at all about how you can do everything right. This module is designed to facilitate the management of RMA and make it as simple as possible. Just read the article to understand how it works. 

Main Features

What can you achieve with this add-help? There are a lot of features that could come in useful. Therefore, let’s look at them one by one:

Modify as you want

This add-on allows you: to enable files to be added, to choose a maximum file size that may be attached, and set the RMA to be displayed in a grid. Here you may choose columns that match all your tasks.


This is not just a list of alternatives; it is a way to adapt each action so that everyone is in the greatest possible position. This enables you to tailor the extension for the most comfort you require. It is also much easy to communicate. Manage any new requests and messages, assign status, and send notifications about key occurrences using templates. This facilitates your work while buyers value your items.

Alert System

Check for important returns and trade adjustments and make communications easy by creating customized email messages. You can send numerous notifications through email with the RMA extension. To customize your message, variables can be utilized. A new package is supplied besides traditional variables. It can communicate with other built-in functions. To make communication plain and straightforward, use these changes. Adapt templates to the requirements of your online store.

RMA shipping label for Magento 2

Customers enjoy downloading a PDF file with all the papers required. Not only does this enhance but it enhances the connection between you and your clients. For the numerous operators that use this module to upload shipping labels, nothing is too troublesome. Labels and shipment status both by you and your customers may also be monitored. Since all uploads, file type uploads, and so on may be managed, these functions give additional confidence. Set this function and monitor all deliveries for fraud prevention. The high flexibility of the RMA module allows optimal adaptation of your requirements.

shipping labels

Support in offline mode

Of course, of course, offline transport is intimately interconnected. In this area, things go beyond the internet. This also requires consideration of offline methods. If orders cannot be recorded into your database and are not placed in your online store, you will demand RMA online. Allow consumers to do so in order to avoid overburdening you and your team. You may set up RMA on your own for offline shopping. You might prevent these requests from being published on your website if you do not have many offline sales locations.

No-delay Messages

If clients do not like formal communications, they may utilize the RMA method to reach you. They will find a rapid reply to their needs. This enables you to remain on top of all the reimbursements that happen. Save the whole message history to come back later. If you have any issues, this might come in. As noted before, consumers do not have to log in to seek RMA, a handy option for most individuals who have no accounts. You can disable this function if you like. The Help Desk may also be addressed with RMA inquiries.

Full control

The buyer may choose to express their position adequately in the most relevant condition and explanation. This makes it much easier to handle many jobs. You may design your own RMA status to help you understand what is happening right now. Take a number of resolutions to accommodate everybody. The better your odds of fixing your problem, the more devoted consumers you have. Simply change the extension to your product’s features and take as much fun as you can.

No-delay replies


Create fast answers in order to fully automate or semi-automatically improve RMA processes. In a number of common scenarios, a template can be utilized. Customize such templates to reply as fast as can to consumers in need. This minimizes the burden and provides consumers in seconds what they desire. You could always switch to manual mode when a scenario demands more input.

Unlimited possibilities

The creation of new fields has no limits, allowing you unprecedented flexibility. Add the main fields to make tracking what happens with requests easier. These fields can be used for additional information as storage devices. In a number of scenarios, this can be helpful.

API integration

With the GraphQL function, the workflow is streamlined. It handles sophisticated organized requests and RMA data inside your company so that you do not have to worry. However, you may continue to manage things by using the other functions, as they are just as straightforward. Don’t bother if you don’t want to know how it works. However, if you have a huge store with many apps, GraphQL is necessary.

Advanced Reports

In order to build and expand your organization, analytics is a key component. In order to improve communication, RMA findings must also be evaluated. What are the RMA reports to deduce? Well, reports on objects, characteristics, causes, and status can be received (offline and online). Statistics may also be displayed and exported in CSV and XML format for various parameters. This might be handy to save and track some critical reports.

report examples

Why do you need an RMA system like this?

Let us first speak about the overall advantage that this add-on may offer to you and its possible enhancements. This is perhaps the most efficient approach to convince you that our solution is one of the finest. It does not mean that you will not discover anything else that will fulfill your wants, but it implies that you cannot find something that can meet your needs as well. So, what are you going to receive here:

  • The possibility for the consumer to always control any requests for return/exchange via email.
  • All users’ guest entries. This implies that you don’t even have to sign in to take part in conversations on your suggestions.
  • You can choose the number of products you would like to return or exchange.
  • If there is a concern, you may follow the production of the RMA application and help people.
  • To reply to communications, consumers can personalize templates.
  • Custom field applications through RMA.
  • For better analysis, RMA reports with additional details.
  • Consumers might also request a refund.


It’s not a secret that you must take every detail into consideration to become the best in your niche. This rule works for everything in our life because details form something greater. Regarding e-Commerce companies, one of such details is, of course, RMA. And now you know all the reasons why you need a good RMA system. Moreover, you know how to create it. There is nothing bad or wrong about using additional plugins — this is literally the main concept of Magento. Therefore, we believe that the Magento 2 RMA extension by Mirasvit is your best choice. It combines all the necessary features and reasonable price. In addition to this, you will get great support and constant updates. Hurry up and make your business more profitable with the help of this add-on!

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