Magento order management is no longer a problem

Magento order management is no longer a problem

It is critical to separate the most important component of your business in order to improve, regardless of what you perform. This helps you to multiply your productivity by concentrating on the factors that have the most impact on your achievement. Let’s speak about eCommerce for a moment. What is the most important factor? Of course, there are other factors to consider, one of which is order management. Why? The reason for this is that you won’t be able to sell enough things if you don’t have efficient order management. You’ll never get popularity, which means you’ll lose money and clients. For any vendor, this is the worst-case situation. We all want to generate money, please our customers, and enhance our businesses. To do this, you must ensure that all orders are processed correctly, quickly, and effortlessly. Even if you hire the greatest professionals to handle orders, it doesn’t imply you’ll get the best results. It isn’t always about the people involved. 

You may use a Mirasvit-designed plugin to extend Magento’s conventional features and make order administration easier and faster. You’ll find all you need to deal with any order-related issue right here. Integrating such a useful module is a sensible and cost-effective decision. So, let’s have a look at it together!

The main possibilities and benefits

editing items

The fundamental capacity is inflexible enough to allow for the establishment of an effective order management system. For example, you won’t be able to change the bulk of order information, which means you’ll have to place fresh orders if there’s a problem. This is both inconvenient and time-consuming. It also raises the likelihood of making subsequent errors. Furthermore, without the plugin, you won’t be able to see all of the vital data in the grid, forcing managers to look at each order separately, which would disturb their work.

The plugin addresses all of these minor issues, allowing you to increase the efficiency of your store. You can change the grid and order as needed to match the demands of your firm. It’s simple to change the order information, add new goods, and apply different discounts without deleting the existing purchase and starting a new one. This is the most efficient approach for speeding up processes and offering the greatest user experience for you and your clients. You may also use the preview tool to check how your changes will appear before committing to them. Anyway, here is the list of features you can enjoy:

  • Simple to use. Order tags make it simple to navigate your orders. Tags can be used to filter orders to make it simpler to find the ones you need. The color-coding of the tag labels makes it simple to identify the order’s key features. Fill the order row in the grid with different colors to highlight orders that require the most attention. You have total control over the color code tag configuration. In addition to applying tags to any number of orders, you may provide requirements for the automatic order tag. If you like, you may also set order tags manually. Tags may be used to personalize orders in a number of ways. Give the most important order tag a priority level to emphasize it.
  • Simple access. When evaluating orders, you may save time by selecting the Quick View option to acquire more information fast. Click on the order number in the orders list to launch a side-sliding window with all of the order’s data. Close this side-sliding window if you want to examine information about another order, or open it if you want to make changes to an order in Magento. 
  • Items are being modified. Utilize features such as selecting the total number of ordered products, providing taxes, adding/removing goods, changing the price, and specifying discounts to make things move faster and simplify a large number of chores. 
  • Customizing order and account information Using the add-on, you may change order tracking information. The order parameters status, number, and date can all be changed.
  • Questions about delivery and money. There’s no need to be concerned if your payment or shipping method changes while using this app. You can easily alter: Unlike the default Magento, you can rapidly alter payment, shipping, and handling information. 
  • Numbers that are unique. Identification numbers make it easy to locate the required order. They appear to be sloppy, however. You may use customized prefixes and suffixes to match transaction numbers to your company’s requirements, which is quite useful. To achieve the best representation format for your store, combine factors such as shop ID, order counter, random number, current time, and date. Copy or change the order identifying numbers pattern for invoices, shipments, and credit notes for each document type. Order counters can be used to feed data from your prior shop numbering into your new shop numbering if you’re transferring platforms. Preview and compare how a new numbering system would appear on any form of the specified payment document before making a change. The module supports the multi-store view. It’s possible that each store in your Magento installation has its own unique ID.

Everything is right where it should be

Extend Magento 2’s restricted quick view functionality to show all relevant order information on a single screen. On your site’s orders list page, you’ll be able to see vital information regarding items, payment, and delivery thanks to our module. 

  • Items. You may see data about objects in any order you like. Here’s a sample of what you may expect to find: Alternatives to each item’s available options; thumbnails of products; product number; type; The amount and price of an item after it has been ordered. 
  • Billing. You don’t have to open orders to access invoicing data, which is one of the best advantages. The order grid contains all of the relevant information: Number on the invoice; billing address; phone number 
  • Shipping. You may also use the plugin to add additional columns with shipping details. This feature allows you to see the following: The phone number, the shipping address, and the shipping number are all required.
shipping settings


Q: Is it possible to just add a new product to an existing order rather than establishing a new one? 

A: The plugin enhances Magento 2‘s functionality by allowing you to modify existing orders. You have total control over the list of ordered things. To be clear, selected goods can be replaced with other versions or brand new things, which is much more convenient.

Q: Can I alter the tax of the existing order? 

A: Yes, you may choose from a pre-existing list of tax rates in your shop to adjust the tax rate for any item in your purchase using this plugin.

Q: How can I benefit from using this extension? 

A: Order administration may be a difficult task for businesses, but with the aid of a Magento extension, it can be made easier in certain ways. The module enhances the functionality of the order view grid, which assists store staff in keeping track of orders by giving tools to efficiently manage orders in a variety of ways: 

  • Thanks to the plugin, this grid may now display additional critical information about orders, such as ordered items, payment, and shipment. It’s simple to keep track of Magento order statuses. 
  • If you choose the Order Quick View option, you may obtain the whole order data with a single mouse click while staying on the same page. The information is shown in a side-sliding pane. You may get information quickly and get back to work without having to go to the purchase page to read it, reducing the amount of clutter on your browser. 
  • The Orders Tags feature makes finding orders with the right qualities a breeze. You may quickly locate the orders you require by using tags to filter them. Tags can be assigned to orders based on their criteria.


We all need assistance from time to time, and setting up an internet business isn’t an easy operation that can be completed without assistance. Because this is a complicated procedure with several stages, you must attend to each one in order to improve. You must assure good work with orders because they are one of the most important parts. You’ll need this system for Order Management for Magento to avoid making a mistake. A small, simple-to-use, powerful gadget that eliminates the need for costly professionals and time-consuming effort. So don’t believe you won’t regret passing by and attempting to succeed on your own. Try it right now!

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