The Magento 2 Improved Sorting Extension is all you need

The Magento 2 Improved Sorting Extension is all you need

It can appear like we live in utter anarchy and there’s nothing or anyone in the world. And that is why we prefer to organize and arrange what we see, the order is what makes us feel comfortable. What you need amid a mess is hardly feasible to discover. Imagine you’re going into a place where objects are everywhere and some of them can’t even be reached? What are you going to do? You should thus include a space that is nice, clean, and ordered in your portfolio of products. If not, people would never discover what they desire, which will have terrible implications. You must make your catalog as comfortable and easy as feasible to explore. Do you believe that this is a difficult task?

It doesn’t really matter what you believe, because the module we’re discussing right now offers you all the required tools for easy, pleasurable navigation. Believe us, that’s going to provide much benefit to you. Are you ready for more information?

How does it work and what does it offer?

sorting comparison

Let us, first of all, go over certain non-essential characteristics, so that we may reach the goal of the module. In consequence, there are several useful additional functions that make your usage more fun.

Unlimited options

The plugin extends search result pages with sorting options. By adding new search parameters to the search page you may broaden the variety of basic Magento sorting opportunities. You may also change the default sorting selection on the search screen. As a result, the strongest possible light will always be placed on your items, increasing your conversion rate.


The appearance of the components may be changed in different widgets. To do this, simply choose the applicable criteria from the drop-down option. A mechanism for its own sorting may be developed for each widget. To apply several criteria for the same widgets, use Store Views.

Take a peek behind the curtain

Before using any sorting criteria, look at the grouping of things to ensure that it appears the way it would. This may be used to find out additional information about a score. To discover the appropriate goods without manually seeking the product list, filter the grid depending on the product attributes.

Fixing issues

The problem-solving procedure is called debugging. Let this mode be enabled to discover out what the difficulties are creating. Check to check whether the score forecast is correct. The data is shown as a grid. You may also search for a product location.

Facilitating the searching process

This module allows you to arrange your information in a number of ways. You set your own standards and criteria to meet your company’s requirements. You may include the rating components in the criterion to make it straightforward and convenient. The module will provide a score depending on its effectiveness. You may check how your products seem to potential customers with the preview option.

product preview

Gaining ranking scores

To obtain the score using the extension, the following techniques can be used: 1. The use of variables one by one. When the series advances from A to B, that approach is linear. Sub conditions are the second type of condition. The module calculates all the components in this instance.

Offering the best

Choose the best items that will be offered to customers by default whenever they use the search. This is a great way to increase the conversion rate and make your shop look better for all users.


Start with the most significant and work your way down when creating a sorting criterion with multiple components. The way those variables are arranged may sometimes be rather complicated. The organization may be done in two ways: up and down. More alternatives will be available, making selecting the most up-to-date items easier for customers.

Making your website more popular

The search procedure depends on the aspect of ranking. This addition allows you to utilize any attribute as a factor that enhances search results and the general effectiveness of your organization. Any factor can be specified as a global parameter, which means that all other factors will take priority. Here are several features from which you can choose:

  • Date. In contrast with the normal capability of Magento 2, this module may be used to categorize items according to their precise time of entry and alterations, which simply enables you to grade old to new stuff. This allows customers to get new arrivals and organize information.
  • Attribute. For your specific items, you may use one or more criteria, such as time constraints or anything really unusual. Go to the Admin Panel for the features.
  • Image. If pictures are missing from the search results page, products should be deleted to the bottom. Before making a purchase, customers ought to be able to view how items appear. It’s, therefore, a smart notion to keep the most beautiful, vibrant, and full pages on top.
  • Best-sellers. You can also arrange goods by how many times in a specific time frame they were purchased. Either you may market bestsellers or you can try and improve the sales of less popular goods.
  • Profit. Promote the most marginalized goods for income.
  • Rule. Due to the fact that this component consists of hundreds of features or combinations, the number of possible instances is unlimited.
  • An assessment of the product. We would want to trust the opinions of other customers on such matters as we cannot enable a lot of reading material and multiple versions of this item to be assessed. Thus, we choose the product with the most favorable assessments, and therefore higher quality products should be prioritized.
  • Availability. This is certainly one of the main elements for the rating. By its availability or stock state, you may also sort the product. Filtering out of stock and placing it to the bottom of the page is excellent, since buyers can’t buy it and won’t wait for a fresh cargo. Put them on the first tab if you want visitors to be aware of the recent things.
  • The income produced by the view. Compare the numbers of times you have purchased a product to the number you have visited to find out how your prospective buyers are involved. In the naked sight, certain things are unthinkable. In the meanwhile, there is considerable attention to specific goods, such as those that are very cheap to sell.
  • Popularity. This element is linked to the product rating, as the conversion rate depends on it. On the other side, the goal is to increase sales or drive supporters to rally.
  • Discounts. Put products at special pricing at the top of the list for the best results.

What Mirasvit politics regarding the product?

There are a variety of attractive benefits, including free 90-day support, free lifetime upgrades, and a 30-day cash-back guarantee. Considering the pricing, the plugin is a fair investment. This is because it is still less expensive to buy a dedicated extension than employers. The only difficulty is to locate a truly helpful plugin worth the money. For instance, Mirasvit has such a product. Moreover, the official website contains a wealth of manuals and instructions to ensure that you will never be left in the dark even after the support period has over.


There is a cause for any visitor to your website to be here. And this motive is to buy stuff. Even if they have not yet chosen to buy a thing, they are here to do so. In other words, they know what it takes or wait to figure it out. But if navigation is not easy, straightforward, easy to use, accurate, and pleasant, it might happen that customers merely turn around and go somewhere, where something fascinating can be found. So your job is not to let that occur! That’s why you absolutely need a small plugin for sorting products in Magento. Just relax and allow the module to do your work. You are already waiting for simple configuration, easy usage, cheap prices, and many more advantages!

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