The Magento full-page cache module is here to help you

The Magento full-page cache module is here to help you

Tell us, do you enjoy it when you have to wait an interminable period of time for anything you came for? Like waiting in lines or something similar? Especially if there isn’t any justification. Being truthful is something that no one enjoys. Even if you are a patient person who does not become enraged in such situations, you would still choose the other location where everything runs well. The same is true for internet stores: customers do not have to wait long to acquire what they require. Your website should be well-optimized and capable of handling any situation. Because loading speed is such an important element of the technical side, make sure you’ve done everything you can to guarantee that all of your pages load quickly. However, how is this possible? What should you do in this situation? Dealing with cache is one of the greatest techniques to get rid of excel files and make the site load quicker.

And if you don’t know how to do it or don’t want to figure it out since it takes a long time, you’ll need the Mirasvit module. This add-on takes care of every single loading-speed issue, so you won’t have to do anything else. Don’t you wish to be surrounded by so much help? 

What is the Cache Warmer?

This plugin allows you to prioritize the most essential pages depending on a number of factors, ensuring that your customers get the greatest browsing experience possible. Meanwhile, all you have to do is relax and take in the show. Based on the number of visits, the type of page/product, and other factors, rank the importance of each item in order of priority. We split features into many classes based on their intended use. This will assist you in organizing the knowledge you’ll be learning today and deciding whether to use the plugin. The first section explains how to utilize it as well as what you should do with it.

Quick Start and simple use

Because various servers have varying capabilities, you may need to adjust your settings based on your needs. To make utilizing the extension easier and save you even more time, this add-on provides three cache warming templates to select from high/medium for practically any purpose or soft for stores with a higher load rate.

You’re also not limited by pre-defined templates or settings; you may alter any of them to fit your unique needs. The number of threads, maximum run time, and rate at which Cron jobs are done may all be customized with this plugin.

Each page has its own set of properties, such as the URL, customer group, and product type, as you may be aware. You may alter the cache warming rule, according to them. This allows you to always have your most important sites heated and ready to load. You may also alter the HTTP headers of the request for each cache warming rule.



Magento’s customers will find this to be a very useful feature. According to the plan, you won’t have to clean the cache very often. You may use the Fill Rate graph to keep track of cleaning activities and make sure your server is up and running. Debugging tools can assist you in determining the source of your frequent flushing or other problems. You can disable cache flushing in the Cache Warmer options if reducing the frequency isn’t a possibility or if you don’t need it at all.

Let the module do the job

Human monitoring is no longer required as a result of this expansion. Set everything up once after installation and then forget about it when it comes to maintenance and monitoring. The cache will be automatically processed. So relax and take it all in!


Allowing crawler robots to re-cache every time they visit your site might overwhelm your server. To increase productivity, turn off user-agents in the Settings menu. Check the reports to check if caching is working correctly and efficiently. This section provides information on both cached and non-cached pages. Instantly view response time data and other information in the format that suits you best: a graph or a comprehensive table. If necessary, you may also export reports.

Manual Control

When the frontend interface fails, we must resort to using the command line. You’ll be relieved to learn that the command line supports a wide range of commands and is simple to use in this situation, allowing you to complete all of your tasks.

Fix any issue in a few clicks

Is there a problem? Don’t worry; debugging tools will assist you in resolving the issues. On the test page, you may verify the cache state and, as previously indicated, limit access to particular IP addresses.

Monitor how things go

the test page

To avoid any problems, use the test page to ensure that everything is working properly. It will keep you up to speed on the cache’s status at all times. This page will automatically update, allowing you to unwind while avoiding slowdowns. Some applications, such as Varnish, may cause the module’s functionality to fail in unusual instances. You may also look at the system’s average load to see where the bottlenecks are. Use the custom graph to see when issues arise. Turn off cache warming until the server has enough power to execute correctly if loading delays are a concern. Set a threshold to automate the process and improve the loading speed of your webpage.

Modify the plugin the way you want it

Some of the pages don’t require any warming up. Some websites have a higher perceived worth than others. On the website, you may find a range of normative papers, such as the FAQ page, for example. You have total control over which components you warm up in any situation. That is why you should build a ranking list of your top choices! Set the rules and take advantage of the extension’s features to help your website function smoothly. Create a CSV file with a list of all of your most essential pages, define the rules, and make use of the extension’s flexibility to ensure that your website runs smoothly.

It’s also crucial that we keep updated about what’s going on so that we can make sure everything is safe and plan our next steps properly. As a result, you’ll be able to learn more about each cached page, including its kind and any warming rules that may have been applied, as well as the exact time and date of creation/update/caching. You’ll also learn why the cache was re-cached, which is more information. You may also delete pages from the warmed list and clear the cache.

Think about the advantages you may get


To fully understand the benefits of this addon, we’d like to draw your attention to a few essential features:

  • Something is happening in the background. You may make adjustments to any element of your internet company because the plugin operates in the background. As a result, the module will not crash or stop working. In addition, the number of pop-up alerts and other distractions in your admin panel will be reduced.
  • There are no restrictions on what you can do. With the help of this plugin, you may cache any page. Unlike the normal Magento Edition, this add-on does not skip pages. Simply choose what should be cached and disregard any prior restrictions.
  • Complex Pages are a possibility. If you have a complicated, heavy website, you may want to be able to choose which parts of a challenging, heavy page in your online store should be cached. With the extension we’re looking at today, you can accomplish just that. Simply cache the most crucial section of your difficult page with the Hole Punch.
  • There will be no inconvenience. Crashing is never an option with the Magento Cache Warmer. The module caches the modified version whether you add a new page element or edit an old one. You may use this function straight away because it does not require any further settings.
  • On the system, there are no doubled cache files. Duplicate caches may be created by different visitors from different Store Views, wasting disk space. To avoid situations like this, set up the Cache Warmer, and all new visitors will receive the same cache.


You might not be aware of the Magento full-page cache module unless someone informs you about it. So we decided to pretend to be this person and tell you all we know so you may decide whether or not to purchase this add-on. The module not only improves the quality of your website, but also saves you time, which is crucial in this industry. Install this extension and enjoy your job if you don’t want to lose your current customers or watch new potential consumers go to other stores.

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