The Magento 2 Elasticsearch module — You can’t hide

The Magento 2 Elasticsearch module — You can’t hide

Many years ago, you had to put a lot of effort into finding something you need until you finally succeed. Today, we all can search for information using the internet, which is extremely convenient. Besides, it’s a great advantage in terms of education. However, the more information we have — the better search engine we need. Because algorithms should filter data to exclude unnecessary results that don’t really match your request, hide inappropriate content, and so on. Otherwise, it would take too long to find something you need. If you own an online store, you must understand the importance of the search feature because you are just like any search engine but focused on different goods. Your customers want to enjoy using the search so that they can look for products without delays and issues. There are a lot of ways you can improve this function but they are not quite simple if you are going to solve this on your own.

That’s why we offer you to let the Mirasvit plugin do it for you. This assistant knows everything about searching, so it can provide you with the best results. Moreover, it’s super easy to operate! So if you don’t want to miss such a chance to enhance your enterprise, let’s look closer at the possibilities and working principles.

The main task is to make the search simple and useful

 search simple and useful

How is this add-on intended? It covers, as you may know, the search tool, making it more advanced and more convenient. Nevertheless, it is much easier to go over each feature and evaluate the module’s actual potential and capabilities on your own if you are concerned about its structure and principles. So what are this extension’s pros and disadvantages? Elasticsearch really has a wide range of uses. Let’s go one by one through every feature to be sure you’re on the correct road.

This program understands exactly what you want since it analyzes all queries and gives consumers fascinating choices. In order to convince consumers to stay, something readable on the first page should always be included. You may also modify the location of other elements on the page after making a particular request.

Another important element to consider is morphology. People may make blunders that would not lead to any outcomes of the investigation, and that is unfortunate. That is inadmissibly risky. The plugin uses advanced methods to provide similar search results that are morphologically relevant.

Let’s see the numerous search possibilities this module offers:

  • A variety of other choices are also available. You may not have the goods necessary in stock at any time, for any reason. In particular, the module offers the most comparable results currently available to prevent troubling customers who are looking for this item.
  • Apps that are related in some way. Another way of making an educated selection is to show other consumers what they want to do in the same way. This compilation of issues might act as a reference for consumers.
  • You can pick between different languages via a drop-down menu. It should also be noted that these characteristics are represented differently in other languages. For Elasticsearch add-on, this gives a flexible base.
  • Code. Search for objects with different codes. Search. The procedure is accelerated as internet users are able to search for ISBN and SKU numbers.
  • Stop words. An additional tool that helps consumers locate exactly what they are looking for, even if their request does not match what is currently available. Just build a list of terms to increase the accuracy of your search.
  • Autocorrection. Without this plugin, any wrong requests would be ignored. In the meantime, the module automatically corrects any incorrect keywords and ensures that clients obtain the best possible results.
  • You will discover what you are looking for in the Sitelinks Search Box. This feature allows you to find your company straight from the search results page on Google, which makes the total conversion rate quite advantageous.
google searching results

It will do everything for you

The next feature for auto-filling is that enables consumers to time via considerably speedier searches. During the expansion, customers are urged to pick a range of alternatives that anticipate future shopping. The TypeAhead function scans the best requests in the shop to assist them to pick the best choice when they enter a product name. Elasticsearch users have a fast mode accessible. What are the advantages of this ability?

  • The most frequent searches. As a result of this, everyone can see what the vast majority of people want. Use the highest search ranks to find special deals or the best-known items.
  • A wide array of resources is essential. Not just product names but additional details are provided in this search. For instance, users may quickly discover the required page.

Convenient search

You can find any material on the web version of your shop. That is, you may search for it if it exists. This makes online shopping far more convenient and enjoyable for any person visiting your website. For further information see the following list of likely content categories:

  • There are further third-party plugins. This module may also search other systems and materials for plugins. You can achieve higher results with additional plugins by combining Magento’s capabilities with those of other sources.
  • You were the one who thought about this notion. Join sources of data that might be helpful to your consumers. This material appears in the search results as a result of the addition.
  • All product characteristics are considered throughout the search process.
  • All matching categories can be viewed by customers.
  • The extension allows customers to view the values of the features they have selected.
  • The content management system has produced pages. All the pages linked to the application are also displayed.

What else can be done?

The customization and flexibility of this plugin are excellent. In milliseconds, customers can locate items because of the speed of the foundation engine. This helps you since it has a major effect on the satisfaction of customers and the number of purchases. The package currently includes the following components with regard to speed:

  • Layered navigation. This plugin is slow and uses many resources, speeds up things and minimizes server overload, and is not the default Magento MySQL request.
  • Scaling. A different strategy is necessary for large catalogs and high-traffic websites. This add-on uses a cluster to spread data over many servers, which makes it easier for your Website to function.

Additional features

You can handle more than simply search thanks to the Elasticsearch Magento 2 plugin. Some very important features also enable you to improve and make more money:

  • Reports. Data collection and analysis are some of the most crucial components of the success of a firm. Changes can be anticipated and solutions can be discovered via analysis to prevent issues. This plugin, therefore, provides the information you need, for example, the most popular search phrases or the highest search results. You could improve your results by altering your settings if you know how many queries and clicks you have.
  • Redirecting. What makes the destination more significant than the trip itself? It would be awful if customers could not reach your company. Every 404 error page is watched and updated to ensure that the 404 error page is never seen by your potential clients. All visitors are promptly routed to the given URL instead of being found on the erroneous website. If this page has relevant items, customers will more likely stay and investigate your business. Not only time but also money is saved by this technique. This add-on will help guide visitors to the right site if you are looking for any particular result.
settings screenshot
  • It’s ready to be used on the road. Compatibility is often an important benefit in today’s world. Smartphones and tablets over PCs are becoming more popular. This feature is therefore particularly beneficial in mobile versions.
  • The pages of the landing differ from the rest of the website. You may use your own unique information to build different pages with a view to boosting SEO. The control of the flow and the management of the product catalog is most frequently necessary. For example, for certain requests, you may construct pages showing just related products. There are several uses for a fantastic feature. Landing pages are helpful and beneficial because they are easy to use and operate. Use caution and look at these websites to ensure that they are not mixed up.


As you can see, the search function greatly influences your eCommerce company’s overall efficiency and quality. It makes a rather sensible and lucrative purchase of the Elasticsearch Magento supplement. Give consumers a loyal relationship with them, what they want. This helps you generate more money and is a renowned, trustworthy underseller.

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