Be smarter with Magento advanced reports

Be smarter with Magento advanced reports

We usually tend to underrate some details because we either don’t know how important they are or just don’t notice them. However, an eCommerce business is a complex phenomenon that requires accuracy and concentration. If you won’t keep an eye on all the details, you will probably face problems on your way. Another thing that doesn’t let us monitor everything and everywhere is that we just have no opportunity to do this. It’s impossible to do this alone because you have to think about too many details at the same time. Moreover, by default, Magento doesn’t provide users with enough data to analyze it, which makes it even more complicated to improve productivity and stay on top. You need a more comprehensive picture of what is going on to be able to fix all existing issues and avoid potential ones. Information is what makes you prepared for complications and gives you more chances to succeed. 

With this Advanced Report extension, you will never feel the lack of data because extremely detailed and customizable reports can supply you with everything you need. In the combination with simple use and innovative technologies, the add-on may be considered the best module on the market for sure. And we are glad to tell you more about it. So let’s not waste a lot of time and move straight to the capabilities and advantages of our today’s guest.

What special tools and features are here?

desktop and mobile interfaces

The Magento Advanced Reports module is a multi-tool for various tasks connected with analysis and data in general. This plugin allows you to do things that are not available for standard Magento users. And the best way to show the real usability of the product is to take you through all the possibilities. So, let’s check together what features you will get: 

  • Interactive and helpful dashboards. You may modify your dashboard to help you receive the information you need. This plugin provides By altering the widgets you may customize your dashboard. You can save time and money in that way. The advanced dashboard offers more critical info compared to the basic dashboard. The dashboard may also be shared without the rights of an administrator, which is a great feature. Join the dashboard and see everything you must know.
  • A variety of clustering levels. You may now classify and produce tables in different dimensions, based on your preferences. This function increases performance overall and lets you concentrate on more vital things. With the normal Magento version, users cannot enter data without using additional plug-ins by selecting parameters.
  • The table was filled up with new columns. It is considerably more capable than the number of regular columns to generate further columns, which is more than sufficient for most applications. You can calculate as many columns as you like with the columns you produce. To add a column, use XML setup.
  • Options for viewing are provided. Users may also customize the add-on to make sure the maximum experience is provided. You may pick from a number of charts, including the histogram. You may use columns to show categories. You may also make it easier for you to follow each transaction status.

The main purpose

The most essential characteristic of analytical reporting is that it includes all the information necessary for improving overall productivity and sales. Contrary to the primary operations of Magento, this plugin uses the latest facts and statistics, including those that are not supplemented with any additional information. This is an important need for each eCommerce company. What’s the use then? If necessary, it’s easy to learn how to use the application because it already has a number of reports ready to be used for your needs. You may examine your sales, orders, and customers from several points of view. Where you need to improve, you know. As a result, you have an excellent opportunity in some regions to obtain more sales information. You may use it to create a unique and dynamic virtual map for each region by clicking on the function. You may modify the map when you need to look at smaller regions. Due to the sale, transit, and customer overview, country filters can be considered as one of the most useful tools. Knowing where you have to put some more effort into promotion, for example, can bring you a lot of profit. 

Flexile customization and easy use

report builder’s interface

In addition, the plugin allows you to change existing templates or even develop new ones, allowing you to make the potential configuration more flexible. To make something unique, utilize the integrated tool to build a report with a user-friendly design and helpful characteristics. You have absolute control over what you see so that everything may be arranged precisely as you want it to be. Each business, like every method, has its unique set of secrets. Just copy one of the reports and adjust the settings in order to get a customized report. By utilizing the advanced Magento Advanced Reports plugin you may customize analytics to your particular demands with such accuracy. This is how you may modify current templates to generate new reports that meet your needs:

  • Depending on certain factors, sales might be decided. For example, you may select two dimensions to track your sales and inventory in general. The SKU, a unique identifier for each item, may be searched and tracked. If you want to learn more about a certain item. The second dimension is the number of orders. You may see how often certain products are bought and how many goods are bought in different orders, using this approach. You can find out how often. You may filter sales and consumers who purchase your items for particular periods if you use data and customer group filters. This improves or exacerbates your mood while at the same time helping you to know your customers better. What’s the best time of year for you? Who would rather spend more on weekends and who would want to spend more throughout the week? The potential of these techniques is to tenfold increase revenues.
  • Total Costs Report You may categorize goods by attributes and choose from a range of alternatives if you need to estimate total revenue over a period of time. In a variety of circumstances, this might be practical.
  • Articles were deleted. You have few items, and because you don’t have much to sell, you can’t meet your consumers. This might lead to sales decreases, leading to a loss of money. This report tells you if rehabilitation is needed.

Always on the go

Always on the go

In current days, from communication and pleasure to work, we all utilize our telephones for a variety of functions. In recent years, the mobile business has grown considerably to ease our lives. It is no longer essential to use large computers to monitor the news. Each mobile device has a feature that should be fairly optimized including the plugin that we are talking about. You may have a substantial discount on your smartphone reports. This is a must-have tool for people who are always on the road. Dashboards may be seen by scanning QR codes using the camera on your smartphone. You may rest certain that essential updates or other information are not overlooked.


Now, you can see that Magento delivers helpful advanced reports with this extension. You may avoid any issues with this vital information and be the top seller on the internet. Information today is, as you well know, even more precious than money. However, time remains a precious resource, therefore you constantly have to worry about your time and how you can improve your free time. So you address several problems concurrently by installing this add-on. The advanced reports 2 Magento module will enable you to forget the mundane job and make your website better. Taking into consideration other advantages that Mirasvit offers to its customers, such as free support and satisfaction guarantee, the choice of this product seems to be pretty wise.

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