Magento 2 product feed as a promotion tool

Magento 2 product feed as a promotion tool

Are you looking for assistance? Although you might believe you are all okay, and you can manage everything alone, your company still has a lot to improve. In addition, it is great for someone else to liberate you from some duties. What do we speak about, exactly? To achieve the greatest sales rate, each online store owner must do his best to advance items. This is the key duty for businesses basically since you earn money here. To accomplish so, all of your articles must be included in all the locations where people may learn about themselves. But utilizing a regular Magento is not entirely easy. A feed to be submitted to the markets must be sufficiently informational, well-structured, and optimized. In addition, it takes a lot of effort to produce, publish and maintain this quality product feed on time. Want to spend so many resources on such a basic but yet very important task?

We know you want these processes to be straightforward and painless. And that’s why we provide you an overview of Mirasvit’s fantastic add-on. This plugin is an automated method for the generation of product feed. If you’re prepared to simplify your life, let’s expand your knowledge frontiers for Magento 2!

The possibilities of the extension


What functionality does this add-on provide its users? You will be free and calm in a variety of beneficial aspects. Moreover, due to the user-friendly design which is a huge advantage, use is straightforward and uncomplicated. In the meantime, it is easy to get up and going after installation with pre-constructed templates. Let’s look at the opportunities.

Reports with an emphasis on analytics

Don’t miss something important. The tool can provide you with information on any of your feeds for a short duration. For example, examine your feed rates and see what you can do to improve output. It is straightforward to follow your product streams due to the fundamental simplistic design. Keep an eye on the content in question using the filtering strategy. Select the configurations you want to use. You may also change the look of the presentation. It might be anything as basic as a pie chart or histograms so that you can organize data to your liking. You can use Google Analytics to provide feeds if you want to make things easier. This allows you to follow the data and modify UTM settings at any time.

Apply the most preferable filters

Filtering is the major function of this add-on. There are several feasible alternatives to put it another way. Consider all parameters of accessible items and select one to be used as a filter. Consider the different available filtering options. You may pick products to promote on a certain market by choosing things from the feed. With this flexibility, you can build the company you desire. Filtration is necessary to provide the most significant features. That’s what worries most people. The value of the parent product may be utilized in several ways, including return In order to keep track of items, stock numbers, and other factors might be used.

Quick start, simply to use

Nothing can make an easy start without any technical problems when it comes to buying goods. This module has a variety of pre-made templates that allow you to start expanding your sales operations as soon as you install them. These templates are easy to alter, so you may make any modifications that you like to meet your current needs. You can only promote your items on all the key marketplaces by simply turning on the required settings. You don’t even have to establish anything on your own if you’re not seeking something special.


No restrictions in fields creation

This is wonderful because none of the feed fields are limited. Every field may be updated fast with the menu. If you want a direct modification, alter the field code. If you are not certain how the stream looks, use the Preview option.

Quick access whenever you need it

Keep your feeds, search for unique URLs, and collect the information for each. You can watch your feeds and double-check the information from specific web sources using this helpful application. The service determines the file format.

Stay tuned about anything that is going on right now

The Magento product feeds extension provides an e-mail feature to you after you finish the feeds. This allows you to focus right now on the topics most important to you. You may check your feeds on the History page. Here you may view the full list of changes. All have the capacity to change. This function guarantees nothing vital is ignored.

Leave it for the module

The best way to facilitate any task is to obtain the aid of an expert. This is precisely what the add-on offers. It is a time-savings and handy function to run automatically. You have the following options in this field:

  • The upload procedure is automatically performed. Feeds no longer need to be uploaded manually because they may be handled by this module. If you need to send feed on a regular basis, you can build schedules. After you finish, double-click the link to make sure it’s all in order.
  • Updates. It is important that your feeds provide just factual information to prevent the deception of potential customers. This plugin provides a range of possibilities to keep your information up to date. Timetables are going to help you, as you know. Since a result, you will not have to modify your feed as the extension knows what you are trying to achieve.



Before altering feeds to meet your demands, you may get pre-made patterns, which are only unique shortcodes. The attributes and value are the two types of call/editing codes accessible. A number of techniques may be employed to modify these patterns, including PHP functions and attribute codes.

Patterns may be used, for example, to return the value of the parent product or export basic items, in a number of ways you can see. Patterns can also be used to modify variables. Some additional instances are as follows: force to show a multiplied price of certain items in search engines if it’s needed; apply shipping rules according to the price; track inventory numbers, and so on.

Following your selection of the symbol, a menu appears, allowing you to choose from a variety of designs. You can make your feed sleek, bright, and welcoming by using the preview to see how it will look. It’s also beneficial.

Customization options include:

  • Attributes. Due to the development and modification of existing features, consumers might accept a lot. List all dynamic automation settings that you want to use. Set a certain shipping cost for select brands, for example. In a lot of instances, this is quite beneficial.
  • Variables. PHP may be used to set variables quickly to suit your current needs. You need to comprehend, first, what you want by examining your food: cost, the number of products in stock, etc. to offer you enough depth and detail. Due to automated dynamic variables changes, the feeds may need to be updated.
  • Categories. The presentation of your articles to the relevant audiences is important. In other words, parents should display the things of their children. Because it is known that the conversion rate is selected. You just have to select from several alternatives and your things are categorized accordingly. This guarantees that your feed is transmitted to the right place.


To have an assistant in such a difficult subject as the business is a wonderful advantage as more subtleties and nuances may be taken into consideration. Magento will be your brother-in-arms when you move up the module to produce complex product feeds to market your items. If you invest a fair quantity now, tomorrow you guarantee revenue as the base for any company. We feel, then, that this plugin is truly one of today’s greatest modules on the market. And if you want to feel how easy it is to solve difficulties linked to the product feed, just install and use the plugin. As you can see, because you can work directly after the installation, you don’t even have to modify anything! Purchase the extension for advanced product feed for Magento 2 now — and get benefits the rest of the time. 

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