The best CRM Solution For Small Business will help you increase productivity and reduce operating cost, and will increase your sales revenue.

Take your business to the next level with the help of below features of the best CRM Software for Small Businesses

Features of Best CRM for Small Business

Contact Management in Mobile CRM Software

The Best CRM Software Program helps you manage your customers’, clients’, suppliers’ and vendors’ contact with all their details easily. Categorize them and face no difficulty in looking for them when on the go.

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Free CRM Pipeliner

Categorize your leads in CRM Solutions as pipeline, prospect, new customer and customer. You can customize them according to your convenience and the requirements of your business.

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Customized Dashboard in Cloud CRM Solutions

Customize your CRM App dashboard according to your requirement and get a clearer picture of your past data, data on your employees’ current engagements and much more.

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Cloud CRM Software

The best feature of a cloud CRM is that you don’t have to always use your computer to access it. You have all the information and details that you need on your fingertips.

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Online CRM Integration

CRM integration with your own software, with your website and with your social media handle.

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Analysis through Free CRM Reports

Get automatically generated reports and ready to read analytics of the business with analytical CRM Solutions, understand how your business is doing and make well informed decisions.

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Task Management with Best CRM Tools

Break down tasks and assign them to the employees in crm program as per the expertise or availability, track the progress of each task assigned and get a report through email.

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Simple CRM Platform

This simple CRM with easy to use crm tools can be easily adapted as per your business need and is easy to be learnt by each and every employee.

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Automation in Simple CRM Program

Experience 100% salesforce automations, reduce your manual work, increase your productivity and profitability, all in one go.

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Want to take your business to the NEXT BIG Level ?

See the Best Small Business CRM in Action

Cloud CRM Solution

Customize your cloud CRM without sitting in from of your desktop or laptop. This mobile CRM will help you access your data whenever you want.

  • No hassle for storage device or server
  • No IT expertise required
  • Complete control over your system
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Create CRM Leads directly from Your Website

Integrate your CRM Solutions with your website and get the leads directly on your CRM.

  • Get lead report.
  • Assign the leads to the the employees.
  • Track the progress of the leads.
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CRM Email Integration

Integrating your email with your CRM reduces your manual work drastically.

  • Send bulk promotional email to your customers
  • Send payment reminders to your client
  • Get email reports of the progress of tasks
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Inbuilt Review System in the Best CRM Software for Small Business

Why indulge in a tedious task like creating manual reports? Employ your online CRM program to do it for you.

  • Create and customize your review questions
  • Integrate reviews with Social media
  • Get all the reviews in single dashboard
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Small business Invoice Software

Generate free invoices with 100+ templates which you can select based on the  business needs.

  • Generate bulk invoices in one go.
  • Send invoices directly to customer through email
  • Send payment reminders for overdue payments.
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Small Business Accounting Software

1 CRM Software for all your needs. This one comes with the free online accounting packages.

  • Manage all your expenses and payments
  • Get your receivables vs payable CRM reports
  • Keep a track of all your payments
  • Manage your profits
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How to choose the best small business software application?

Are you looking for the best CRM Software for Small business? Or do you have an established business and want to incorporate a CRM Software to automate your tedious tasks?

CRM software for Small Business has now become crucial for upcoming small business.A good CRM software not only reduces your manual tasks, but will also improvise on managing your relationship with your customers.

So, how do you decide which is the best CRM Software Solution for Small Business is good for your business? Well, take a look below before you make up your mind…

Understand your needs for Cloud CRM Software.

Requirements of your business decide the type of CRM Software you will need. It includes the tools and features of the software. The best CRM solutions not only help you in customer management but also make your job easy in creating new customers and retaining the old ones.

Here is a list of some CRM features that are applicable to all types of businesses:

Online Express Invoice in the Web CRM Software

You need to create an invoice irrespective of the type of business you are in. The more the templates the better. The top CRM Solution will help you create the invoice with GST included, that too on the go.

Client Management System in the Free CRM App

Be it your direct customers, sales partner or your corporate clients, a good CRM software helps you manage all three that too with a free CRM app provided with the software.

Feedback Management System in the Cloud CRM Software

Feedback is important for all businesses, be it a small, medium or large.

Online Accounting in the Free CRM App

Simple account system to track all your expenses and payments is a feature that is a must have for your business.

Automation in the Cloud CRM Software

Apart from managing your regular tasks, aim to automate tasks like generating leads, customer follow up, payment reminders and much more.

Deployment of the Web CRM software

The deployment of the CRM software can be either On-Premise or Cloud Solution.

In the On-Premise solution, you own the software. Along with the software you also need the storage space in the form of required hardware and software, and do not forget the IT personnel to maintain those. So apart from owning the server you also own a lot of responsibility to maintain it.

With the Cloud CRM Software Solution, you are free of all the hassle. No need of server or IT expertise. All you need to do is log into your Cloud Based CRM Solution and you are good to go. The server belongs to the vendor so no maintenance cost is involved. What more, you can access it through your various mobile devices!!!!!

  • User Interface

It is very important to have a user friendly CRM Solution. A user friendly CRM Software save the learning time and also saves the operating time.

A CRM Solution with a good interface:

  • Does not irritate you.
  • Does not slow you down.
  • Helps you quicken your tasks
  • Is intuitive.

A CRM Solution that is liked by all the employees who use it is the best CRM Software for your business, because as they say, happy employees equal to a happy business!!!

Cost of the Web CRM Software

A business, small or large, new or established, looks to reduce the cost of operation.

The cost of the software is the most crucial factor while deciding upon the best solution for your business.

Generally, the CRM software vendors provide a subscription plan depending upon the no. of user and the features. No. of users might increase the subscription cost of the software exponentially.

Choose the software where the subscription cost remains the same irrespective of the no. of users and the cost changes based on the no. of users.

Try out the software with the lowest subscription cost in the market, with No Annual Maintenance Charges!!! If you are starting a new business, it’s the best that you could ask for! And if you are an established business owner, well, it’s time to reduce your operating cost!!!

Cloud CRM Features for Future

So you have decided what your current business needs are… and you have narrowed down the software that you want.

But did you check if it is suitable for your future needs? What if you decide to expand in future and need extra features? Well, go for the CRM Solution that has got you covered for the future needs of your business.

Choose the one that can be easily integrated with your other software!!!

Demo of the Web CRM Software

Lastly, choose the vendor that gives you a demo of the software before you deploy it.

Get a hands on experience by trying out the software in the Free Demo. These free demo offer free full featured trial.

You can Easily switch from the Demo Version to the Paid Version for the full deployment.

inji Software, the best CRM Solution  for Small business available in the market fulfills all the above criteria and more.