CRM system is an integral part of any business. The best CRM System helps you grow your business with ease and without any hassle. Irrespective of the size of your business, the online CRM software will not only reduce your manual tasks, but will also improvise on managing your relationship with your customers.

The Cloud CRM Solution provides you the features mentioned below to take your business to the next level.

Best CRM Feature for your Business Requirements

Cloud CRM App

Log in to your Cloud CRM without any hassle. You don’t require require your own server or hardware to save the data. All the data is saved on vendor’s server, so you don’t require services of IT expertise. You can access your data anytime, anywhere in your mobile CRM.

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Customize Simple CRM Tool

Customize the software as per the requirement of your business and the ease of operation for your employees. The Best CRM Systems lets you choose the features of your software as per your needs.

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100% Automation in Top CRM Website

The Best CRM solutions helps you reduce your operating cost with 100% automation. Reduce your manual tasks and reduce the cost of carrying out those tasks.

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Workflow Salesforce Automations

Automate repetitive tasks by creating workflows that trigger actions or send follow-up reminders for next actions in small business CRM software.

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Simple CRM Email

Integrate your email with the software to receive regular updates and notification regarding the progress of your leads and reminders for follow ups with your mobile CRM for Gmail.

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Third Party CRM Integration

Integrate the best CRM Software with your own software and generate the leads directly from your website. Saves both time and efforts.

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Analytical CRM Program

Get daily lead report of the entire team. This will help you to track your employee leads and stages in a closer way to increase your bookings drastically.

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Forecast with Salesforce Tool

The analytical CRM reports helps your forecast your sales and lets you plan the strategies for future. Be better prepared for future market conditions.

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Demo of top CRM functionality

Get the insight of the CRM software before you buy it. Demo helps you understand the nature and working of the software, and help you determine how you can best implement the software in your business.

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Want to take your business to the NEXT BIG Level ?

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Take your Business to the Cloud CRM Program

Get rid of the hassle of on-premise software. Take your business to cloud CRM solutions, with 100% security of your data and easy management of all your requirements.

  • Access your data, anytime, anywhere.
  • Data is stored on Vendor’s server
  • Complete control over your data.
  • 100% security with AWS.
  • No IT expertise required
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Analytical CRM for Reporting and Forecasting

One software for all the analytics needs of your business. Integrate the CRM with your own software and email to get the following benefits:

  • Receive CRM email notifications and reminders for follow ups and reports.
  • Generate and import reports on spreadsheet and conduct analysis without switching the software.
  • Forecast the sales and plan your strategies
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Appointment Fixing through Simple CRM Application

Fix appointments directly through your Mobile CRM Application with yours customers, clients, vendors etc, and get reminders about the appointments as well. Access your CRM, anytime, anywhere.

  • Reminder before the appointment
  • Notification to the client regarding the appointment
  • Check Availability
  • TimeZone Converter Available
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Professional Quotation through Cloud CRM Application

Meet customers’ needs by directly sending quotations from your CRM app without any hassle.

  • Send Professional Quotations and Invoices
  • Make changes to the quotations on the go as per the customers’ requirements
  • Create Customized Quotations
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CRM Leads Reports

Make Lead generation reporting an easy task and not a tiresome one.

Automate the lead generation reports directly in your CRM Software.

  • Get systematic CRM Leads
  • Assign the leads to individual employees.
  • Track the progress of the leads.
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Delivery with Top CRM Platform

Over exceed customers’ expectations with the Live Delivery Tracking. Receive email notifications regarding the delivery.

  • Schedule Delivery as per the convenience of the customers.
  • Track Customer Delivery
  • Receive Graphical Reports
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How to choose the Best CRM System for your business?

Not all CRM systems are made equal. Some are cloud-based CRM (CRM web), some are not, some are made for specific industry while some are made as an all-purpose simple CRM system. However, the main purpose for which the companies or startups start searching for the best CRM systems or best CRM for startups is the same, to scale their businesses to the next level. Here you will learn about the main components of a successful CRM system which will help your business grow. So, let us peek into the various business processes across different departments of a typical business in which a CRM must help.

CRM Marketing with CRM for Small Business

Marketing is one of the most important parts of any business. As it helps to put your brand and the company to the best light rather than just waiting and hoping that the customers would come and join. It simply pushes the customers in the right direction. A CRM automates all this and sends out automated emails, flyers, or text messages. Also, it helps to add new leads from different tradeshows, digital marketing campaigns, or other general activities. Thus, smoothing the whole process.

Sales activities with the Top CRM Software

When someone gives a response to the marketing campaign, then the sales team comes into the picture and they engage with the leads through email, phone calls, or texts. However, the reality dictates, the leads don’t convert in just the first contact, a follow-up is required for most of them. A successful sales rep will note down all of the interactions, relevant notes, and next steps for each lead, which is a lot of manual work for them. A CRM system would help here to automate scheduling, automate communication, store such information, and making it available during follow-up and much more.

Customer Management with the Small Business CRM Software

Service focuses on dealing with the actual interactions with the customers like, contact, direct mail, calls, web sites, and blogs, etc. So, any unclear expectations or miscommunication would fall on the customer support team. To save them from hassle and loss of revenues, the best CRM system would automate most of the processes in service. It will collect and record each interaction with the customer in the database. And will make it available to all the employees, to make a clear picture of the needs and requirements of the customers and use this information later as required. It eliminates the need of obtaining the same information again and again and the customers can be easily contacted whenever required.

Future planning with the Top CRM Software

Planning for future and building strategies is an important part of any business. It requires continuous monitoring and data analysis to have insights about business performance. And frankly it takes a lot of time if done manually. However, a CRM would automate this process and provide you with the vital information to deal with the bottlenecks and other issues. It will also help you in discovering new regions of revenue generation and thus helping you in building business strategies for the future.

CRM Implementation with the Best CRM for Small Business

Apart from just being an automation tool, the benefits of CRM are endless. It aids you in organizing& centralizing all your databases, thus helping your employees. It also assists you in shoring up your relationship with your customers and at the same time, it helps in accelerating the growth of your business by providing you with valuable business insights.

This is the best Business Management software in the Small Businesses CRM Software category available in the market. It’s 100% cloud CRM, which makes it accessible at any time and anywhere, with no long-term commitment and no installation charge. Available at an affordable price of just $9 per month.

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