Marketing is integral part of any business and crucial to reach out to the customer. Integrate CRM Marketing Software in your business to streamline the marketing department. The salesforce marketing automation will not only bridge the gap between marketing and sales seamlessly but also reduce your manual work and increase the revenue.

Learn how you can change the face of marketing with CRM implementations of the CRM Application Features

CRM Features for CRM Marketing Software

Campaign Builder in the best CRM Program

Keep a track of your marketing process by incorporating Campaign Builder in the Best CRM Platform. Use digital whiteboards to keep track of your notes.

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CRM Marketing Integration with Sales CRM Software

Integrate your CRM Marketing with your Sales CRM to predict and boost your sales.

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Analytical CRM Marketing Solutions

Organize your data, make it easily available and analyse your data to find the drivers of your business with this Analytical CRM tools.

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Mobile CRM Email Integration

Send out personalized CRM email to your customers to maintain a constant connection, and to always be at the top of your customers mind when they need services as offered by your business.

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Landing Page through Simple CRM App

Generate a landing page so that the customers can directly give their contact details and  show their interest in your product. And voila, you already have a lead in your CRM Software. Create unlimited leads like this without any manual efforts.

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Spreadsheet Export to Top CRM Program

Creating the leads can become tiresome. Export the generated leads directly to spreadsheet and assign them to employees. You’ll also receive email notification of their progress.

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Customize the top CRM Application

Customize your marketing CRM program as per the industry of your business, get the templates of the invoice, add features as per the needs.

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Online CRM Leads Reports

Get lead CRM reports through email, in the form of graphical representations, spreadsheet reports, for every employee and plan your strategies accordingly.

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100% Automate the Best CRM Software

Do all this and more with complete salesforce marketing automation. No manual work required.

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Marketing Analytical CRM Tool

Organize your crm data such that it is easily accessible and can be interpreted easily.  Quotation Sent, Potential, Positive  as per your company terms and organize leads in an efficient way.

  • Collect and Customize your data
  • Analyze your data and forecast your sales
  • Plan your marketing strategies per the analysis
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Salesforce Marketing Automation through Top CRM Solutions

Streamline and Simplify some of the most time-consuming responsibilities of the modern marketing roles.

  • Automate the lead qualification process
  • Create a hub for digital campaign creation on the go with mobile CRM application
  • Send automatic and personalized emails to your customers
  • Identify your audience, design the right content, and automatically trigger actions based on schedules and customer behavior
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Simple CRM Marketing Campaign Builder

It is crucial for any business to have a campaign builder to keep track of where they are in a marketing process to get the real time sales forecast. Simple CRM Pipeliner play a role here. It helps you to:

  • Where customers or pipeline are in the transaction process
  • Use digital whiteboard to outline the strategies and plan
  • Keep a track and organize notes regarding the customer progress
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Best CRM Leads Generation Tracking

Make Lead generation Tracking an easy task and not a tiresome one.

Automate the lead generation process directly through the landing page of your website.

  • Get systematic CRM Leads
  • Assign the leads to individual employess.
  • Track the progress of the leads.
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How can CRM Marketing help your business?

Before telling how Marketing CRM can help you, let me first tell you what CRM is. CRM, (customer relationship management) software is a way of doing business. CRM Solutions is nothing but acquiring, storing, processing, analyzing and using the customer data to develop good and long-standing relationships with the customer. Does that sound like a hell lot of work? Do not panic, CRM is a combination of technology and people. Technology has taken over the world. In this era of the internet of things, automation is the new way of doing everything and data is the new wealth.

So, now that you know what CRM is, take a look at why you need it and how incorporating a Marketing CRM will impact your business. Successful CRM implementations can do a lot of things and mainly its effects on sales are notable.

Here is a list of reasons why Marketing CRM is a must to increase sales in any business:

Database of the leads generated converted and rejected with salesforce marketing automation

Have ever regretted losing a phone number or address or an email id of a potential client? Have you ever made a mistake of pitching in your product for a lead who has already converted or rejected? Yes, we all have been there. Imagine if you had never lost that opportunity of converting a lead. You would have never wasted your time on converted or rejected lead. CRM is a way to avoid these circumstances. It stores the data automatically, allows every member of the sales team to know the status of a contact. In one go, your sales are bound to increase with successful implementation of CRM.

Online CRM Features for customer information:

Availability of information of our current leads and customers will allow us to analyse it. We will be able to segment that information into groups such as age group, location, education background, employment and etc,and target the correct markets. It can be used as a guide to promote to the potential customers rather than wasting time on wrong audience. This help in quicker sale of the product as the audience are more likely to become your customers.

CRM features for maintenance of good one to one customer management system

CRM allows us to maintain a good relationship with our existing customers. You will be able to offer loyalty points, early discounts, and renewal reminders to your existing customers. This will increase the chances of retaining the customer. Also, repeat purchases from your current customer base will increase the sales.

CRM Consulting and Active participation of employee

Entering every detail of each lead generated manually into the data base surely is a hectic work. CRM relieves the sales team from this. All the information is automatically updated and stored in the database as and when a lead is generated. This allows the employees to actively participate making the sale increasing their productivity.

Retention of the customers with online CRM features:

It is always tough to get new customers. Every step from generating a lead to making a sale must be repeated. But it is much easier to generate a sale through repeat purchase. Also reduces the cost of that sale. For a customer to do a repeat purchase we need to maintain a good relationship and constant communication with the customer. CRM helps you in doing that. It provides you with all the facilities to be in touch with your customers, be it through remainders for renewal, promotional discounts on new products, greetings for a special event and so on. the benefits are never-ending. Retaining customers means gaining their loyalty. There are high chances of finding new leads through loyal customers references as they are staying with you by choice and not compulsion.

Although CRM is essential for every business, firms should understand that one CRM software cannot be used across all kinds of business. Every business is unique, so are its needs therefore some amount of customization is required to meet those specific needs.