This Customer Relationship Management Software  helps create a positive customer experience which is crucial for gaining trust and building your brand.

Take your business to the next level with the help of below Client Management System CRM Features.

CRM Features to look for in your Simple CRM Program

Cloud CRM Application

Login to the Mobile CRM anytime, anywhere, with all your CRM database safe and secure on our server. No hassle of hiring IT expertise to maintain your software. Everything is available on the go.

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Customization in your Mobile CRM Application

Customize your Online CRM as per the needs of your business and decide the features that you want for your organization.

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CRM Email Integration

Integrate your email with your CRM Application to receive updates and reports directly. You can also send out bulk email, set email scheduler and reduce your manual work by a huge amount.

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Reminders and Notification through Cloud CRM Tools

Receive email reminders and notification through the CRM app for upcoming meetings, follow ups, payments to be received. Never miss out on anything important.

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Detailed Analytical CRM

Analyse various reports of your business directly on the analytical CRM solutions without any manual work. Make informed decision about future with detailed analysis to maximize profit and reduce waste.

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Document Management in CRM App

Don’t lose the track of the documents, keep them arranged according to your customers so that they are easily accessible as and when you need them, with the best customer management system.

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Easy to Use Benefits of CRM

An online CRM program that can easily be adapted as per your business and that can be used easily by each and every employee.

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Social CRM Implementations

Integrate your social media handle with your simple CRM App so that you can get the estimate about your target customer and generate your leads easily.

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Dashboard of CRM Software

Get customized dashboards through your simple CRM Solutions and get insights of each and every lead in detail by exporting those report in excel sheet format, easy to make and easy to interpret.

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Want to take your business to the NEXT BIG Level ?

See the Best CRM Software in Action

Express Invoice System In Top CRM Program for Customer Relationship Management

Generate and Send Customized Small Business Invoice with 100+ Invoice Templates.

  • Send Invoice by Email
  • Send Overdue Payment Reminder
  • Schedule Payments
  • Balance Payment Reminder
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Contact and CRM Email Integration

You don’t have to worry about sending out bulk email or finding the contact details of your pipelines or customers. The CRM Software sends automatic emails when scheduled, gives you reminders about the upcoming meetings and helps you keep a track of missed and pending payments.  What more, it is 100% Configurable – Color, Size, Text, Input fields, all in your hands.

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Delivery Management with Cloud CRM Tool

Integrate the CRM Platform with your delivery system and keep a track of all that is being sent out. Be on top of all your Customers’ Requirements.

  • Get Delivered and Overdue Delivery Alerts
  • Get automated reports of items delivered
  • Track Delivery Progress and Status
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Fix Appointments with the Clients with CRM Email Integration

Never lose touch with your clients and manage all your appointments with your CRM Application.

  • Check real time time availibility
  • Time Zone Converter
  • Appointment Reports and Notifcations
  • Re-schedule Appointments
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CMS helps you to increase your website’s lead-generating capabilities. Also crucial is to gain the trust of your customers and that can be done by maintaining consistencies and giving your customers the best experience. So how will your Client Management System help your business?

Read along to find:

The Best Customer Relationship Management System is flexible

It can be adapted to suit your business requirements and suits your employees as well.

Customizing your Client Management Systems

The Best Client Management System lets you customize the CRM features as per the needs of your business. Things are better when they run according to you. Your CRM is in completely in your control.

Easy Administration in the Customer Management Software

The Best CRM for Small Business allows the content workflow within a single piece of software allowing access to everyone involved. This helps in streamlining the process making the business flow easy.

Analytics Customer Relationship Management System

You can track the progress of your business and your employees through automated reports and analytics. All the reports and analysis is on your fingertips so that you make informed and better decisions.

Cloud Customer Management Software

The Best CRM Solution will provide you cloud services, i.e. instead of being on premise; the software will be on cloud server of the vendor. So there won’t be any maintenance cost involved at your end. Nor will you need to spend on the storage of your data. Being on cloud, it also provides you mobility and ease of access as per your convenience.

Security of the Client Management Systems

You don’t need to worry about the storage of data as well. All your data is stored safely on the cloud, so that you don’t need IT professional services for the maintenance. The inji Software, which is the best software for small businesses uses Amazon web Services (AWS), so your data is 100% Secure. All you need to do is login into your CRM and you’re good to go.