What are your expectations from your free CRM Software for Small Business? Why should you instead go for inji Software as the CRM Software for Small Business?And what should you look for while choosing it for your business? Read along to know what to expect…

Implement the Cloud CRM Software for Small Business to take your business to the next big level.

inji Software CRM Features

Interaction Tracking Simple CRM Tool

Get the history of all your interaction with your prospect or customer in their account. CRM Application helps in keeping the track of the status of the transaction.

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Cloud Invoicing Management

Generate automatic invoice with more than 70+ options available in the best express invoice software of Cloud CRM. Select the one that is best suited for your business.

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CRM Leads Management Software

There is no limit for the lead management in the best crm leads management software. In inji Software  you can create millions of leads and manage them efficiently and easily. No strings attached.

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Generate and Send Quotations and Proposals through Mobile CRM App

Generate and send quotations to the customers directly through CRM application. The history of the quotations is saved in the account of the customer and can be easily accessed as per your need.

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Document Management in the Best CRM Tool

Record lead follow-up history after every customer follow-up. You will never miss track of the customer even if your employees are on leave or if you forget the interaction with customers.

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Manage Pipelines with Free CRM Pipeliner

Manage all the stages of your customer through CRM pipeline management, from pipeline to confirmed, all at the same place and fulfilling the requirements of all.

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Generate Best CRM Reports

Generate lead CRM reports, export them to spreadsheet, import the spreadsheet to your software, assign the leads to your employees, the scope is endless with the software.

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Customer Management System in Simple CRM Platform

Manage the customer contact details, account details and requirement details with the free CRM contact management system so that all the information related to the customer is on your finger tips through Client Management System.

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Easy and Robust Top CRM Management

The simple CRM website is easy to operate and can be adapted easily for any business. The functions of the CRM can be customized as per the requirement of the business.

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Want to take your business to the NEXT BIG Level ?

See the best CRM Solution in Action

Manage your customer contacts through Customer Relationship Management Software

Centralize your customer contact details and information with open source CRM solutions

  • Track Sales
  • Integrate the email address
  • Schedule meetings and appointments
  • Conversation and follow up management
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Send Quotations through Simple CRM Application

Generate and send quotations directly to your customers through your CRM application:

  • Generate quotes directly from the opportunity
  • Make the changes to the quotations as per customer requirement
  • Customize widget in couple of minutes
  • 100% Configurable – Color, Size, Text, Input fields.
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CRM Leads Management Tracking

Record every customer follow-up and never lose any customer interaction history in Online CRM Leads.

  • Record customer follow-up
  • Update next follow-up and receive notification
  • Track the sent quotations
  • Track all follow up from lead creation to closure
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Cloud CRM Solutions for Small Business

Nothing gets better than a software or an application that is available to you as per your convenience. With Cloud CRM Prgram you do not need to sit in from of your work station to access your CRM Data. It’s all on your Fingertips.

What more, no need to dedicated IT Team for maintaining your server, all your data is 100% secure on our server. Just login and get going!!!

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Free CRM Software Vs inji Software

The primary goal of a business is to understand the requirements of the customer by recording and analysing the data of customer and to meet those requirements as quickly as possible.

And that’s how the best CRM Software helps you in your business.

While the Free CRM Software will provide you with the basic Customer Management Software facilities the top CRM software helps the business understand the needs of the customer and their level of interest which would help them in ultimately buying the product.

So do you know the best CRM for small business? The best CRM for small business in 2020 is the inji CRM Software which is the most unique and advantageous one as it alone has all the features that is essential for a business in attaining the leads and in proper management of the activities to be performed. This is the best CRM for small business because it also helps in analysing the employee wise and destination wise leads and bookings.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software not only stores and provides easy access to customers’ data but manages the full progression of customer interaction.

CRM software solutions do not only help you with the storage of the data of the existing customers but they also make it easy to track the journey of the potential customers. CRM solutions help streamline the processes and workflows of business so that all the divisions are on the same page. It especially is crucial for the sales and marketing team to improve their productivity, which has to deal with a huge amount of customer data.

A CMS can be called the sub-set of a CRM.

CRMs can generally be customized based on the needs of the business and provides a platform where it can be integrated with other software used in the business for a seamless flow of information.

Top CRM Software FEATURES:

The inji CRM software has all the advanced features such as the 100% cloud-based, lead CRM system, invoice, order/delivery management, and many more which is of the best help for the customer and business. These features help in driving the customers to their prescribed needs thereby reducing the number of efforts to be put in planning for their requirements and helping the business in gaining leads and efficient management of the customers.

Top CRM Software gives Historical View

Best CRM software stores all the information identified with the business in the CRM database. Users can utilize this information to do an investigation of a considerable number of clients. This aide in lessening looking at corresponding clients and help to understand client needs and grow business. It likewise makes it simple to follow as it contains every single detail of the clients and can be utilized to figure out which client is productive.

Simple Access to Data with CRM System

CRM program will concentrate your client information so everybody at your organization can get to all the data. Besides, .it permits each worker of any office like deals, advertising, or client assistance to get to the data which assists with sparing time.

Top CRM Software Automation

The manual information section is one of the greatest time executioners for salesforce. Best CRM program mechanizes a considerable lot of these day to day assignments with the goal that workers can possess more energy for selling. CRM program helps in building the process of a normalized deal, which gives a sales rep or a group bit by bit guide for shutting bargains and lessens the business cycles and It likewise assists with improving deals strategies by recognizing the main drivers of slowed down arrangements.

CRM System for Marketing

CRM software for small businesses can be utilized for email promotion. Directed messages can be sent to existing and new clients to keep them refreshed with new services and products. Pull in and hold clients with new arrangements and limits.

What is inji software?

It is the best CRM software for the business travellers as whole of their activity is made easy by providing them with multiple itineraries suiting their budgets, simplifying their mode of payments, ease of booking and availability of the best hotels. This software simply reduces their efforts and the best part for the customers is that it is available for a mere 9 dollars only. It helps the customer in having a smooth journey and makes sure the unnecessary expenses are cut down or rather avoided.

Apart from providing 100% automation, inji CRM software provides the best CRM tools like fixing appointment, feedback management etc which automates leads, customer follow-up reminder. It helps in fixing the appointment with the customer in a couple of clicks which shows the responsiveness of the business to the customer. The schedules are organised in advance and the customer is kept updated about their activities.

The inji Software is being widely used by the businesses and is considered to be the top CRM software. The mere amount of 9 dollars is something extra which the business has to offer for the customers. Adding to the advantages is that it needs no setup cost, no installation, no risk, no commitment and most importantly you can try the demo before you buy.