Magento order management is no longer a problem

It is critical to separate the most important component of your business in order to improve, regardless of what you perform. This helps you to multiply your productivity by concentrating on the factors that have the most impact on your achievement. Let’s speak about eCommerce for a moment. What is the most important factor? Of course, there are other factors […]

Magento 2: Follow Up Email

In all sorts of relationships, communication is crucial. And you’re wrong if you think love is the only thing that brings people together. If you own an internet store, you’re in touch with your customers, and how you treat them affects your bottom line. To create a long-term relationship that will help you generate money and expand your business, it’s […]

The advanced SEO suite — and integral part of the eCommerce

The internet has enabled you to find whatever information you require. Especially nowadays, when you may use mobile devices to search for what you’re looking for from anywhere in the world. However, the amount of data has increased dramatically in recent years, making it more difficult to identify something specific. Also, if you offer things on the internet, you must […]

The Magento full-page cache module is here to help you

Tell us, do you enjoy it when you have to wait an interminable period of time for anything you came for? Like waiting in lines or something similar? Especially if there isn’t any justification. Being truthful is something that no one enjoys. Even if you are a patient person who does not become enraged in such situations, you would still […]

The Magento 2 Improved Sorting Extension is all you need

It can appear like we live in utter anarchy and there’s nothing or anyone in the world. And that is why we prefer to organize and arrange what we see, the order is what makes us feel comfortable. What you need amid a mess is hardly feasible to discover. Imagine you’re going into a place where objects are everywhere and […]

Search Sphinx Ultimate knows how to make everything better

You probably want to make your company profitable and popular, don’t you? To do this, you have to think like a customer: what do you want to see on the website? Among dozens of various aspects, there is a feature that is vital for online shops — the search. No matter how big your catalog is, you should provide customers […]

Mirasvit gives you the best RMA for Magento 2

If you are an owner of an online shop, you should know that not all goods satisfy customers. Sometimes, it’s the matter of shipping, sometimes it’s all about a mistake, or it may be a kind of exception. However, people tend to return products back to sellers for some reason. That’s why you have to be ready to handle such […]

Magento 2 product feed as a promotion tool

Are you looking for assistance? Although you might believe you are all okay, and you can manage everything alone, your company still has a lot to improve. In addition, it is great for someone else to liberate you from some duties. What do we speak about, exactly? To achieve the greatest sales rate, each online store owner must do his […]

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