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Why inji Software ?

  • Convert more leads
  • Make online business software
  • No.1 CRM system
  • Automate your everyday business process
  • No BIG investment
  • Pay as you grow !! Monthly !!!
  • Cloud Software
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What all you get in the Best CRM Software?

CRM Leads Management Software

Increase your lead conversion by organizing all you leads and keeping a track of them with the help of online CRM Leads Management.

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Online Best CRM Invoice Application

Exclusively designed invoices with different templates to choose from. Personalize your invoice best suited to your organization.

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Manage Orders with Top CRM Tools

Keep a track of your orders right from placing, processing and delivery of the order.

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Contact Management Software in CRM Application

Manage all types of contacts such as Customers, Suppliers, Vendors, Clients etc. associated with the necessary details, right on your finger tips.

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Manage Currencies

No more hassle with currency of different countries. This CRM Software lets you support multiple currencies.

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Manage Expenses

This Cloud CRM Software helps manage your operating expenses, analyse them, and helps you reduce the expenses.

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Manage Payments

Manage Customer & Supplier payments for every transactions with payment due date alerts.

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Manage Profit with Best Accounting Software for Small Business

This top CRM software is a simple and powerful system which helps you track the profit related to each deal, and by each sales person.

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Reminders and Alerts

Don’t lose track of things… You’ll receive email alerts for late payments, follow ups, balance and much more.

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Manage Customer Feedback

Get the feedback from the customer, analyze them and customize the services to fit the needs of your customer.

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Generate Free CRM Reports

Analyse your Leads, Transactions, Expenses with more than 50 parameters in detail and get automated CRM Reports in your CRM SaaS.

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Easy and Robust

One of the easiest and the Best CRM System in the world. Most of long term customers have tried 2 to 3 CRMS before they try us, and are the happiest with us.

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  • NO Installation required
  • NO Setup Required
  • NO Risk
  • NO Manual Work
  • NO manual Follow-up
  • NO BIG Investment
  • NO Long term commitment
  • NO Waiting time.
  • NO additional Software
  • NO Server /Hardware Investment











Best CRM For Small Business

inji Software is the top CRM for Small Business with the features that can be customized as per your business requirements, and with a price tag of only $9/ month.

  • Single Software for all your needs.
  • Cloud CRM for mobility and easy access
  • HR and Employee Management System
  • Quotations, Express Invoice and Small Business Accounting Software
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Small Business Invoice Software

Get you own customized express invoices to be sent to the customer with best invoice software which allows you to choose from 100+ templates, you can choose the one that best suits your business.

  • Send invoices to your customer without any delay.
  • Send reminders to the customers
  • GST Billing Software included
  • Download the Invoice in PDF
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Send Quotation through Mobile CRM App

Send quotations to potential customers directly from your CRM app without any hassle.

  • Send Professional Quotations and Invoices
  • Make changes to the quotations on the go as per the customers’ requirements
  • Create Customized Quotations
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Delivery through Best CRM Software Platform

Schedule and Track Delivery with your Cloud CRM System, and do not miss out on any updates regarding the delivery status through Mobile CRM Application.

  • Get graphical CRM reports of all the deliveries.
  • Get real time tracking of the delivery status.
  • Get overdue delivery status to take reform actions.
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Best Accounting Software for Small Business

Adopting a different software for your accounting needs is a thing of past. inji Software CRM Solutions come with the free online accounting packages.

  • Manage all your expenses and payments
  • Get your receivables vs payable CRM reports
  • Keep a track of all your payments
  • Manage your profits
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Task Management with Open Source CRM Platform

1 CRM Program for all your business needs. Manage all your tasks with the best CRM Platform. 

  • Create an assign tasks to employees
  • Track the progress of the tasks
  • Send Reminders and Notifications of due task
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HR Management with Online CRM Application

Not only does your top CRM Software helps you manage your day to day business activities, but also helps you manage the backbone of your business, your employees. Get all the HR Solutions in 1 CRM Software.

  • Manage Payroll and Salary
  • Manage Attendance History
  • Manage and Store Documents in the employee account
  • Manage leaves and holidays
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Review System with Best CRM Implementations

Generate CRM Reports and review various aspects of your business with Online CRM Tools.

  • Customize Review Questions
  • Automate Review Collection
  • Review Flow Management
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best CRM Software ?

CRM Customer Relationship Management  Software not only stores and provides easy access to customers’ data but manages the full progression of customer interaction.

CRM software solutions do not only help you with the storage of the data of the existing customers but they also make it easy to track the journey of the potential customers. Best CRM solutions help streamline the processes and workflows of business so that all the divisions are on the same page. It especially is crucial for the sales and marketing team to improve their productivity, which has to deal with a huge amount of customer data.

A CMS can be called the sub-set of a CRM.

Top CRM Software can generally be customized based on the needs of the business and provides a platform where it can be integrated with other software used in the business for a seamless flow of information.

Why is cloud-based software the Best CRM Software ?

Cloud CRM Application or Customer Relationship Management Software is a CRM platform where the features and tools, the data of the business and the customer, everything resides on the cloud and is delivered to the end user through internet.
The data stored in cloud is accessible to the end user anytime, anywhere.

Is my data safe on the Best CRM Software ?

Inji Software, the best Cloud CRM Software Solution for small businesses uses the cloud services of Amazon Web Services (AWS), which guarantees 100% security of your and your customers’ data.

What type of reporting does Best CRM Software offer ?

The best CRM Software Solution can help you with many CRM reports, a few of which are mentioned as under:

  • Pipeline Stage Development Report
  • Sales Performance Report
  • Sales Forecast Report
  • Deal loss reason CRM Report
  • Call Outcomes CRM Report
  • Email Reports
  • Goal Reports
  • Won Deal Reports
  • Sales Rep Performance Repo

Should I buy the Best CRM Software or build a customized one ?

If you are a large organization whose requirements cannot be fulfilled by any of the existing software, and have lots of existing IT resources and expertise, infrastructure to support all your data and IT personnel to work in maintenance then you can think of building your own CRM software.

However, if your small business invoice needs or a start-up then you should definitely go for buying the best CRM solution for small businesses in the market. This will not only save you time and effort but will also be very cost-effective for your business.

How long it might take to implement Best CRM software ?

For a medium-sized organization with about 50-100 employees, and depending upon the type of business, the Top CRM implementations can take anywhere between 11 months to 2 years. However, the benefit of CRM will last lifelong.


Best CRM Software for Small Businesses

The primary goal of a business is to understand the requirements of the customer by recording and analyzing the data of the customer and to meet those requirements as quickly as possible.

And that’s how the best CRM Software helps you in your business.

The top CRM software help the business understand the needs of the customer and their level of interest which would help them in ultimately buying the product.

The best CRM for small business in 2020 is this one as this has the most unique and advantageous one as it alone has all the features that is essential for a business in attaining the leads and in proper management of the activities to be performed. This is the best CRM for small business because it also helps in analysing the employee wise and destination wise leads and bookings.

Top CRM Software FEATURES:

The inji CRM software has all the advanced features such as the 100% cloud based, lead CRM system, invoice, order/delivery management and many more which is of the best help for the customer and business. These features help in driving the customers to their prescribed needs thereby reducing the amount of efforts to be put in planning for their requirements and helping the business in gaining leads and efficient management of the customers.

Leads Generation with the Top CRM Software

You can tweak your leads pipeline as per your necessities. Take leads from your sites and different stages. You can continue keeping an eye on these leads and ensure you seek after the correct prompts convert them into a productive business opportunity.

CRM Marketing with Online CRM Software

Online CRM tools can be utilized for promoting your products through email. You approach the email locations of your clients on the contact management system. You can plan messages as indicated by an ideal opportunity to send them and you can send focused on messages to your current and new potential clients without any problem.

Automation with Top CRM System

CRM program causes you spare time and lessens manual work via automatizing your day by day monotonous assignments like creation plans for arrangements, reminding you for payments, and subsequent meet-ups on time which additionally encourages you in killing the dangers of mix-ups and delays.

Investigation and Reports in the Cloud CRM System

Online CRM software gathers leads and tracks commitment on your site. You can check the point by point investigation and get day by day reports modified by your prerequisites dependent on responsibilities and other imperative pieces of your sites which can help you in gauging your deals and settling on significant choices identified with deals.

Integration with Top CRM Software

For the best CRM software, it must integrate with different applications and software. CRM software must have the option to coordinate with outsider administrations rapidly which can help spare the clients the issue trading and bringing in information starting with one software then onto the next.

What is inji software?

It is the best CRM software for the business travellers as whole of their activity is made easy by providing them with multiple itineraries suiting their budgets, simplifying their mode of payments, ease of booking and availability of the best hotels. This software simply reduces their efforts and the best part for the customers is that it is available for a mere 9 dollars only. It helps the customer in having a smooth journey and makes sure the unnecessary expenses are cut down or rather avoided.

Apart from providing 100% automation, inji CRM software provides the best CRM tools like fixing appointments, feedback management etc which automates leads, customer follow-up reminders. It helps in fixing the appointment with the customer in a couple of clicks which shows the responsiveness of the business to the customer. The schedules are organised in advance and the customer is kept updated about their activities.

The inji Software is being widely used by the businesses and is considered to be the top CRM software. The mere amount of 9 dollars is something extra which the business has to offer for the customers. Adding to the advantages is that it needs no setup cost, no installation, no risk, no commitment and most importantly you can try the demo before you buy.

Why choose the Best CRM Software over CMS ?

A person working in sales and marketing division of a business would know how overwhelming it is to manage the customer data manually… You have the contact information, the lead generation report, the follow up date and what not to collate, arrange and cascade. Well, to ease up the situation Customer Relationship Management  (CRM) System and Contact Management System (CMS) come into the picture.

A lot of articles available online will tell you that the CRM and CMS are basically the same system with different names. While there’s no denying the fact that CRM and CMS do have overlapping features, but they definitely are not the same systems.

In order to choose CRM over CMS, we first need to understand what their functions are…

Contact Management System(CMS) in comparison to Online CRM Software

A Contact Management System (CMS) is an automated or semi-automated software solution which stores and retrieves any information that a business may have regarding its existing customers.

All the necessary information of the customer is stored in the database corresponding to the customer and can be accessed as and when required.

This helps in keeping a track of customer’s previous purchases, interests, needs and requirements, and through this information these customers can be introduced to better products and services.

Thus it becomes convenient to cater to customers’ needs and also to provide maintenance and services as and when required.

CMS also tracks the feedback, thus allowing to better understanding customer behavior and helping in providing them what they require.

Online CRM Software Services

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software not only stores and provides easy access to customers’ data but manages the full progression of customer interaction.

CRM software solutions do not only help you with the storage of the data of the existing customers but they also make it easy to track the journey of the potential customers. CRM solutions help streamline the processes and workflows of business so that all the divisions are on the same page. It especially is crucial for the sales and marketing team to improve their productivity, which has to deal with a huge amount of customer data.

A CMS can be called the sub-set of a CRM.

CRMs can generally be customized based on the needs of the business and provides a platform where it can be integrated with other software used in the business for a seamless flow of information.

Why to choose Online CRM Software over CMS for your business?

Better Scope through Top CRM Software

CRM is a more advanced system as compared to CMS. It takes care of not only the existing customers but also manages the flow of pipeline customers till they are converted. It also manages the relationship with vendors.

CRM allows users to schedule appointments, meetings, events, tracking of payments to vendors ad from customers, well, the list is long.

Integrate with Cloud CRM System

CRM can be customized to integrate with other software used in your business. Integrate your email and phone with the CRM and your tasks can be managed efficiently on the go.

Integrating data with other business function maximizes the effectiveness and makes the business process seamless.

Managing the Pipeline Customers in the Cloud CRM System

You can prioritize the pipeline customers based on their specific requirements. The CRM will take care of date and time requirements, thus keeping you updated with the schedule promised to the prospect customers.

The sales analytics offered by the CRM can help you identify your USP and problem zone and help you in your future sales pitch.

CRM provides a seamless connection between your sales and marketing team resulting in the best quality before and after sales services provided to the customer.

Automation in the Online CRM Software

Well, you have to sell your products to a huge no. of customers with different likes, requirements and budget.

Keeping the track of customers’ past purchases, future requirements, their budgets, the bills paid by them and the ones that are remaining to be paid, their feedback… Okay, this sounds tiresome, and of course you want to retain the customer, even if that means managing tons of spreadsheets and database.

But guess what, it is all covered just by a few clicks. Your CRM takes care of all that mentioned above and much more, saving you and your employees all the time and hassle.

Be it your payment management, account management, HR management, task management or feedback management, your CRM software is one solution for all the automation.

Top CRM Software for Customer Engagement

You want to increase your customer base, but acquiring new customers is not the only way. The top most priority of any business is to retain the customers.

Today, the customers don’t just want the high quality and reasonably priced products, but are also looking for personalized experience. With the data stored again each customer’s database, it is possible with the help of CRM to gauge the customer’s future requirements .

CRM tracks the journey of the customer with the business right from the very start. You can understand their needs by their preferences and feedback.

Providing the customers personalized services will win you their loyalty!!! Lo and behold, you have retained a customer… Way to go.

Deployment of Cloud CRM System

With the Cloud Solution, you are free of all the hassle. No need of server or IT expertise. All you need to do is log into your Cloud CRM Solution and you are good to go. The server belongs to the vendor so no maintenance cost is involved. What more, you can access it through your various mobile devices!!!!!

So why hesitate, take a free demo of the top CRM Solution available for your business with the lowest subscription cost in the market and only $3 per user!!! Fulfill all your CRM requirements with inji Software. Try NOW!!!

Businesses with Best CRM Software VS. Businesses without Online  CRM Systems

Customers are the crux of a business and keeping the customer satisfied is its topmost priority. So how to keep your customers satisfied and happy?

Providing high-quality products at reasonable prices is just the start of the process. The secret lies in managing an effective Customer Relationship.

In your expanding business, there are a huge amount of existing customers, and the ones in the pipeline are increasing by the day. Currently:

Thinking, Why do you need an Online CRM Software ?

  • The customers’ data is scattered over a number of spreadsheets, which is not stored corresponding to the customer. Since the data is stored in the in-house server, or in the in-house hardware in case of small businesses, it is not easily accessible.
  • You are on the way to meeting with the client and you want to catch up on their background. But guess what, the data is not accessible on your mobile device.
  • The customer wants to place the exact same order that they did the last time, so you ask them again for their requirements. It again requires the same amount of time to place the order, to process the order and to implement the order… How do you plan to retain the customer if you do not provide a better customer experience?
  • A customer sent feedback through email regarding the previously provided service. How will you link that feedback to your customer’s database in order to keep track of his requirements in the future?
  • How do you plan to prioritize and schedule the customers in the pipeline?
  • And what about the payment and account management? And invoice generation?

Guess what, this is where CRM comes into the picture.

CRM automates your business, collates, and cascades the customer-related data and also manages all the other tidbits of the day to day activity of your business.

Your business with CRM integration will bring about these changes:

Online CRM Software Integration and Accessibility

All customer data is consolidated. Any person belonging to any department can access it at any time. You do not need to store this information on your server or hardware.

All the data is saved on the server of your CRM vendor.

It can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on any of your mobile devices. You just need to log into your CRM software.

Better Customer Relationship Management with the Top CRM Software

A consolidated data of the customer means all the information of the customer on your fingertips. With the past orders, experience, feedback, and requirements, you are more than equipped to provide a better customer experience.

And yes, this ensures retained customers and their loyalty.

Automation in the Cloud CRM System

Do you need a reminder to follow up with a client, or make the payment to the supplier, or you need to schedule a meeting with a prospective customer?

All this can be taken care by 100% automation provided by the top CRM Solution.

Your manual work can be reduced by 70% with you new CRM Software.

 Online CRM Software for Business Management

Manage various processes and departments of your business with a single solution.

Be it:

  • HR Management: Leave management, payroll system, salary revision or exit records
  • Task Management: Create and assign tasks manually
  • Account System: Customer Payment, Supplier Payment , Account report generation
  • Appointments: Schedule the appointments with client, customer or supplier
  • Order Management: Right from placing the order, to processing and delivery

and much more can be managed with a single CRM Solution.

 Don’t wait to automate.

Try the all-new 100% Cloud Bases Inji Software, the best CRM solution for small businesses available in the market…

Want to take your business to the NEXT BIG Level ?

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